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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peace will prevail!

As the new darling of all peace loving people on this planet rushed to listen to Abbas formally requesting the United Nations to grant a Palestinian state full membership, his path into the General Assembly was blocked by UN security guards (The problem was that Erdogan and his entourage were trying to storm their way into the assembly through a wrong entry). Yet, you cannot stop the man who won the admiration of leftists in Israel and elsewhere by standing up to the Israeli aggressor. Several UN security officials were badly bruised and one ended in a hospital. According to eyewitnesses, the Grand Sultan of all Turks/Caliph of the Arabs personally took part in the fight. In sharp contrast to the unrepentant Zionist warmongers during the Mavi Marmara incident, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon confessed his sins and apologized to Turkish diplomats.

The fall-out was still continuing yesterday, as representatives for UN security guards accused the Turkish delegation of bullying and expressed disappointment in the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after hearing that he had apologised to Turkish diplomats for the incident.

One of the UN security officers was reportedly taken to hospital after the two sides traded blows, and the incident continued in a second confrontation later in the afternoon.

Source: Independent

Erdogan to the General Assembly: You cannot stop peace. Peace will prevail!

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