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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lead Goose

Guardian: Saudi Arabia has repeatedly urged the US to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear installations (my intuition was basically correct)

A special report by the Economist on Japan's demographic implosion. The links to all articles of the report are inside the article on the right side.

Western Europe’s working-age population is already shrinking, though not as fast as Japan’s. East Asia, too, will watch Japan intently. Its industrial-growth model has closely resembled Japan’s in its post-war boom, rising on the same tide of an expanding workforce and export-led productivity gains. Japan has been called the lead goose in that V-formation. For now, as Florian Coulmas, a population expert at Tokyo’s German Institute for Japanese Studies, puts it, Japan is “the oldest goose”. But South Korea’s and China’s working-age populations too will soon start to shrink.

Source: Into the unknown

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