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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Troubles in U.S. Navy Fleet's Mideast Home


Global currency war has broken out. Global trade war may soon follow too

MercoPress: Brazil claims “global currency war” has broken out

FP: China Won't Revalue the Yuan

China's export sector, moreover, is far less robust than it appears. Authorities conducted extensive "stress tests" on more than 1,000 export companies in the first quarter of this year to determine the effects of any significant yuan appreciation. The vast majority of firms were making do on profit margins of 2 to 4 percent. The results revealed that for every 1 percent rise in the yuan against the dollar, the profit margin of the labor-intensive exporters would decline by around 1 percent.

AP: China targeted in bill on currency manipulation

WASHINGTON — The House has approved legislation that would allow the U.S. to seek trade sanctions against China and other nations for manipulating their currency to gain trade advantages.

The New York Times: Pakistan's army may have to move in to pick up the pieces after yet another experiment with democracy in the Muslim World gone wrong

The Economist on South Sudan: Are they heading for a crash?

I decided to move all my posting on whales to a separate blog

Sunni Shia strife in Bahrain

The National: Bahrain revokes citizenship of Shiite cleric

Here is a hilarious account of the King Hamad trying to attack this problem from another angle.

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