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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Comment on Kishukushim

This conspiracy thing is such a common place that I occasionally saw it mentioned even in the Guardian. I have two FB Greek friends one of whom called Greece the Christian Middle East precisely for this reason and another one once wrote me a page long comment to explain the historical background of the conspiracy mindset.

As to Tali, I invited her to the blog with a permission. I can't know who on Kishkushim can grant such a permission and who can't. Neither Tali could know this. Anyway, she came to explain herself. How is it called in your liberal jargon? She came to have a dialog. :D :D

And I think that was nice. There was no reason why she should have been ignored. She is not a Nazi or something. And she is no bureaucrat. She is an archaeologist who is doing a lot of field work. Really, her coming here was a very nice, very human event. The best thing about having Internet. I see no reason why she should be repeatedly called "bureaucrat".

I really think people should go slow about rooting for minorities. It consumes so much human energy that it leaves some people with nothing to share with other people from the non minority population.

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