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Friday, September 10, 2010

HONEY, I shrunk the Chinese!

Some links on culture and demography in East Asia

New America Media: Confucius Says, 'Be Frugal,' But the Global Slump Says, 'Spend' (Confucius and the cultural predisposition to oversaving and underconsumption)

The Malaysian Insider: HONEY, I shrunk the Chinese! (Chinese demographics in South East Asia)

The Washington Post: Opening Their Wallets, Emptying Their Savings (Cultural shift in South Korea)

The next link is basically about the controversy around Sarazzin and Muslim immigration in Germany. However, Muslim immigrants are contrasted with the immigration from the Far East to make the point. The obsession with education, evident in other links above, is present here too. For those who don't know, Vietnam used to be firmly within the sphere of influence of the Chinese civilization. Throughout much of its history and until quite recently the Vietnamese used the Chinese writing system and the vocabulary is heavily dominated by words derived from Chinese.

Spiegel: You Should Stop Whitewashing the World


The links are a bit old, but they are remarkable nevertheless

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