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Monday, September 13, 2010

Syria is committed to peace

Last updated: September 13, 2010

April 8, 2010

John Kerry thinks Syria is committed to peace and is essential to the process.

United States Senator John Kerry said Thursday that Syria is committed to achieving peace in the Middle East and is essential to the process.

"Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region," Kerry said.

Speaking from the headquarters of major militant groups of the region that also acts as a transit point for weapons and Jihadists heading for Iraq, John Kerry was musing that Syria can enhance its contribution to the peace process even further by doing something about its arms supplies to Hezbollah. For some reason Kerry is less concerned about Syria and its allies involvement with other resistance groups reaching as far away from Syria as Yemen.

However, the Democratic senator, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters after a three-hour meeting with Syiran President Bashar Assad in Damascus that Washington is concerned about the flow of weapons from Syria to Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

"That is something that must stop in order to promote regional stability and security," Kerry said about the weapons.

Source: AP via Haaretz

In the wake of this exciting news, the leader of the M14 coalition Saad Hariri was reported to have resumed practicing crawling on all four in preparation for a visit to Damascus. You thought Walid Jumblat has gone nuts recently out of habit or something? You dupe, the old fox can sniff a shitstorm approaching from a thousand miles away.

On the bright side, it's worth mentioning that the West has a rich history of selling and reselling Lebanon to Syria while crawling is practiced in Lebanon with so much passion that it can be considered a national sport and martial art. With Damascus regularly holding crawling tournaments for Lebanese politicians, it's about time for Saad Hariri to visit Damascus to show to Bashar Assad how he can outcrawl Walid Jumblat and Michel Aoun.

John Kerry - the man of peace

September 13, 2010

I was wrong so many times... I quit

That was Saad Hariri, the leader of what's left of the M14 coalition after defections, in an interview to Asharq al-Awsat.

"At a certain stage we made mistakes and accused Syria of assassinating the martyred premier. This was a political accusation, and this political accusation has finished."

After years of accusing Syria in assassinating his late father, mr. Hariri "admitted" that the charge was politically motivated. Verily it's said that in Lebanon they can sell their mothers in time of need, an impressively pragmatic and business oriented nation.

And if Walid Jumblat is still deluding himself, he should better remember that, unlike him, Saad Hariri still has his mother around. The Lebanese PM is yet to use his trump card. The crawling contest is far from over.

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