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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Art of Middle Eastern Haiku

Last updated: February 27, 2011

Hokusai, Boy on Mt. Fuji

February 16, 2010

Israeli Hitech Blues


Damned be Bill Gates and his "user-friendly" Windows

The last words of a Windows user

The splash of water

Free Style:


between the Heaven and Earth

I am,

Like the blue screen of Windows

that crashed on shutdown.

Like a zombie process

of an operating system,

overwhelmed by persistent

buffer stack overflows.


for the all powerful sysadmin

to come and press

on that fateful

Reset button.

Oh Samsara!

of my never ending

reboot reincarnations


The great tide of the Yangtze river

System log is swelling with kernel errors

GUI is the stillness of mount Fuji

burried under cover of winter snow

Oh Futility of the useless mouse

February 27, 2011

Summer season has arrived

Girls dress short. Militants

oil the barrels of their rocket launchers

(Originally published here)

Abu Hokusai, Boy on Jabel Fuji

My enemy is my enemy

My enemy's enemy is my enemy

I have no friends

(Originally published here)

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