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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can there exist the Ultimate Tautology?

Can there exist the Ultimate Tautology? One, than which no greater can be conceived?

As statements which are always true, to uneducated intuition all tautologies should appear of equal tautological value. This is wrong because it's not true. Not all true statements are created equal. In other words, true statements vary in the degree to which they are not false.

What logically and tautologically follows from the above is that different tautologies possess different tautological values. Their valuations by the degree of their tautological value, thus, vary depending on their tautological value.

To put it tautologically, some tautologies are superior in their tautological value to other tautologies because these other tautologies are inferior to them in their respective tautological values.

By admitting that tautologies can be superior to other tautologies when compared on the basis of their tautological value, we are admitting that the Ultimate Tautology should exist.

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