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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The True Meaning of Avatar

Last updated: January 28, 2010

January 18, 2010

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The Freedomain Radio movie review

January 26, 2010

Just when you thought that Freedomain's got it as crazy as it could possibly be, here is a conservative's version...

Forget its left-wing themes. At its core, the movie is about defending property rights -- something conservatives should embrace.

Conservatives have been very critical of the Golden Globe-winning film "Avatar" for its mystical melange of trite leftist themes. But what they have missed is that the essential conflict in the story is a battle over property rights.

. . .

Conservatives see this as anti-American, anti-military and anti-corporate or anti-capitalist. But they're just reacting to the leftist ethos of the film.

They fail to see what's really happening. People have traveled to Pandora to take something that belongs to the Na'vi: their land and the minerals under it. That's a stark violation of property rights, the foundation of the free market and indeed of civilization.

. . .

"Avatar" has its problems, from stilted dialogue to its embrace of the long-discredited myth of the "noble savage" in tune with nature. But conservatives should appreciate a rare defense of property rights coming out of Hollywood.

Source: The right has 'Avatar' wrong
By David Boaz
January 26, 2010
Los Angeles Times

This guy deserves an Oscar of his own.

January 28, 2010

Avatar Blues

Time to throw in my two cents on Avatar. To put it simply, the 3D is amazing, the plot is absurd. I would say the plot is ranging from absurd to .... hmmm .... to embarrassing. In fact, this whole Avatar thing is absurd. Now to the details.

For starters, it was said that Avatar is going to be a watershed moment, movies of the future will never be the same. I would say that Avatar will be remembered as a moment when the 3D technology killed the plot. There is hardly one single episode in the whole movie that was not another Hollywood cliche. In fact, from helicopters to dragons we've seen it all before. As to the ideology behind the movie, it's ridiculous and the way the block buster is paddling forth this ideology is even more ridiculous. It's the 3D that's the raizon detre of Avatar.

Basically the core of Avatar is a strong environmentalist message. Yet, it's impossible to ignore the most basic and the most absurd fact about this movie, which is that Hollywood has just finished wasting close to $300 million on this box-office smashing rant against capitalism and the most impressive scenery in this anti technological "back to jungle" epic is entirely computer generated.

This obsessive compulsive dependence on technology has its fingerprints all over Avatar. For example, Pandora's biology itself is designed as a kind of bio-hitech. All animals living on Pandora are equipped with a biological equivalent of USB port into which Na'vis are plugging a sort of French braid they are growing on their heads. In the new age slang this is called to become one with something, but for all practical purposes the Na'vis control their animals in a manner rather similar to what we do with our USB based printers and other peripheral devices.

In addition to one-to-one USB connections, all living creatures on Pandora are also globally interconnected through a peculiar peer-to-peer network based on some kind of broadband Internet created by roots of huge trees. In this network the trees themselves play the role of data repository centers basically identical to our Emule servers. Again, the Na'vis are using their French braids to plug into the tree-servers and, once logged in, they can upload, download and swap with each other and other creatures their memories, feelings and other data. It goes without saying that the closest analogy we have on our planet to the Na'vi goddess of nature, Eywa, is the earthly profession of sysadmin.

One thing that I would like to address here are claims by some people, clearly made to embarrass us, Israelis, that the Palestinians are the Na-vis of the Middle East oppressed by our hi-tech neo-colonialist mini-empire. These claims are very wrong. Based on my experience with Bedouins, who are the closest approximation the local Arabs have to the alien noble savages of Cameron, I can confirm that these guys have zero appreciation for animal lives and nature and an elevated capacity for cutting through living flesh. I can easily imagine one of these guys, in case he needs a leg of a goat or something, tearing the leg off and going away without even caring to finish off the hysterical animal.

If you really want to see the Na`vis of the Middle East, you should visit one of Tel Aviv's Sushi bars or vegetarian restaurants. There you will find throngs of Na`vis vigorously sharing with each other their wholistic connection to the nature and passionately worshiping their rat sized dogs. They are the Na`vis of the Middle East, and not the Palestinians. In the local slang these people are even called "koksinelim", which is Hebrew for Na'vi.

There is also an anti war message clearly directed at the war on terror and Iraq. However, unless you are an infant (or a retard), you are very likely to fail to appreciate the message and the way it's delivered. In a weird and absurd (again) manner the movie itself does make one think about the invasion of Iraq, but mostly by Avatar's astonishing combination of an awesome technology and a plot which is all cliche and absurd. Paul Brenner, who presided over the occupation of Iraq at the beginning, is known to have had books on the post WWII occupations of Germany/Japan on his desk. Brenner's decision making was very much about senseless recycling of ideas from these books. Consider for example his de-Baathification campaign or the decision to disband the Iraqi army, but the Shock and Awe was awesome. In the same way Avatar can be defined as binge recycling of all possible Hollywood cliches, but the quality of its 3D rocks.

The 3D is indeed stunning and it's the only reason you may want to see this movie (should be done only on a big screen and with 3D glasses). Basically, the only virtue of this movie lies in its being a kind of bizarre nature documentary. If you are hooked on National Geographic, you may like it but you should bear in mind again that nothing in Avatar is very original and so you will have little problem in associating alien creatures in the movie with deers, panthers and lemurs of our planet.

To put it short, if you like visual effects and don't mind permanent organic damage this movie can inflict on your brain and thinking ability, you may want to see Avatar.


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