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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ray Hanania sent a message to the members of Ray Hanania for President of Palestine.

Subject: I need your help ...

I don't expect anyone to do anything as you have all done a lot just supporting this group ... but, if you could do three things, it would help

1 -- circulate my column in today's Jerusalem Post

2 -- engage in discussion on the Post and talk about the moderate voice we all need

and 3) ... I need you to support both Yalla Peace and also my satire response page which challenges the extremist attacks against me for advocating peace by the horde of authors at KABOfest

thank you again for supporting me ... it's not easy for any of us. The issues are complex and one word incites other words of anger and hatred. We need to redefine the conflict as between extremists versus moderates, rather than Israelis and Palestinians


Not that I am a member of the Ray Hanania for President of Palestine. However, why not...

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