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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shalom, Midi

Those of you who commented on Doing Business in the Middle East probably noticed the story of Midi, who wasted more than half a year (and most of his savings) trying to receive Israeli citizenship, but was defeated by the unholy coalition of the Jewish Agency and Interior Ministry. Given this very sorry state of affairs and Midi's desperation, I came to conclusion that it's time to write a really big Shalom, Haver post. However, just I has finished designing a tremendous masterpiece, a true rival of Shalom, Farfur, I was surprised to learn that Midi was finally awarded an Israeli Teudat Zeut (not that I am very sure how big honor is this). Besides my obvious disappointment (the post was almost ready), what else can I say? Actually yes, I can say: Shalom Midi!!! (in Hebrew hello and bye are the same word)


A very big Thank You goes to Ruth Eglash


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