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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Eternal Castro

Hugo Chavez said that a military coup against his government does not stand a chance.

Chavez was responding to a prediction by Newsweek magazine, which listed a coup in Venezuela among its world predictions for 2010. It also predicted Chavez's friend and mentor Fidel Castro would die.

"Newsweek magazine takes the liberty of predicting and saying that 2010 will be Fidel Castro's last year on Earth. Well, could it be that he's going to the moon?" Chavez said with a chuckle, dismissing both predictions as the wishes of those who prepared the list.

Source: AP

I have to disagree with the Gran Comandante: The moon is actually becoming a hot topic these days and Castro is by far not alone in this. But Chavez got it right with his general point: it looks like some people just never die.

El Comandante Chavez and his spiritual mentor Fidel Castro


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