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Friday, August 7, 2009

How British kids spend their weekends

This post is an update to Introducing the Dancesaurus

Edmund Conway went to check how British kids spend their weekends and he came back much encouraged. Despite Edmund's habitually raining on other people's parade (or so he claims), the kids valiantly resisted the unwelcoming weather. The kids were chemically enhanced, of course, and yet, according to Edmund, the kids were so unusually nice that this can't be easily dismissed on the grounds of unnatural manipulation of brain's biochemistry.

What was different was the atmosphere. It was unlike any club, concert or festival I’ve ever been to before. Tens of thousands of youngsters going absolutely crazy in front of me. I must have been around double the age of most of them, and when I tell you I’m 29 you will hopefully see what I mean. But what an eye-opener. I’ve never seen a crowd go as mad as these guys did to the Prodigy and their Aussie inheritors Pendulum. No doubt many of the audience were, ahem, chemically-enhanced, but all the same, there was one thing that struck me. I have been to see the Prodigy before in London, and the crowd were a pretty unpleasant bunch. There were fights. This time around, the kids may have had rather rough edges but there was nothing but goodwill throughout the evening (at least the part that I saw).

Source: How British kids spend their weekends

In the comments section of Edmund's post people were swearing by God that there was no rain on that day and, in general, the unusual association of British kids with such a massive outbreak of goodwill creates the impression that some adults who took part in the festival were chemically enhanced too and in a big way. Nevertheless, I tend to trust Edmund on this matter because I want to believe that every next generation is better than the previous one and that we can now safely retire from the scene knowing that the world is safe in the hands of the new generation.

Over the next days since his experience Edmund made a few scary posts about the credit crunch and general state of the British economy, but who cares when you know that a generation of these wonderful kids is soon to take matters into their hands? Hold my hand, Edmund. We are going to make it.

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