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Sunday, June 14, 2009


In an astonishing act of self cannibalism the political establishment in Iran has rigged elections won by one of its own and put dozens of the so called reformists under house arrest. The record turnout followed by violent clashes on the streets means that this time the ruling elite has not only succeeded to antagonize large sections of its power base, but also destroyed the bulk of whatever goodwill it still commanded among the wider population.

No less astonishing is the fact that according to the official results the leading opposition candidate failed to win majority in his home town, while another opposition candidate failed to get even 10% in his town. Come on, gays guys, this is the Middle East. Even if Mousawi were to lose by ratio of 10 to 1, I would have still expected him to win by a landslide in Tabriz. But when the official results are something like 2 to 1, at least the Azeri heartland Mousawi was sure to take by storm. The people who are running Iran these days seem to be no longer capable of even rigging elections properly and, yet, they want to develop nuclear technology. In one word - amateurs.

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