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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Eyes of Deep Dish

Analysts are often marveling at the sheer number of Shia clerics imprisoned or under house arrest by what is supposed to be a theocratic state. Outside Iran the concept of political Islam in the Shia world is now so thoroughly discredited by Khomeinism that these days even Hezbollah is no longer talking about Islamic state. As to Iraq, there appears to have been left nobody with any significant standing as a scholar ready to endorse Islamic state or deep involvement in politics in any other way. Ali al-Sistani, probably the most authoritative of all Shia scholars these days, is a staunch quietist.

Shia Islam's perception of political and historical matters was always heavily shaped by themes of tyranny and injustice, so much so that in its most anti political forms it strangely resembles the most extreme of anti Zionist Jewish ultra orthodox groups who reject any version of a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah. Similarly, the quietist stream in Shia Islam traditionally views tyranny and injustice as inherent to any political system and impossible to overcome until the Mahdi takes the matters under his control. Politics is something that the religion should keep a big distance from lest the religion gets corrupted and contaminated itself. That's why it's a safe bet that many religious Shias, including clerics, have been watching the latest street battles in Tehran with a nagging feeling of "They told us so".

Regardless of how Khomeini has succeeded to sway a significant part of the clergy to adopt his school of political activism, tensions between the two streams were simmering already during Khomeini and broke into open when the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, nominated Khomeini's successor by nobody else than Khomeini himself, publicly condemned the system and its methods. Some claim that the amendment to Iran's constitution that allowed Khamenei, no great scholar himself, to take over the post of the Supreme Leader came for the lack of cooperation on the part of other Grand Ayatollahs.

Deep Dish - Floating

However, the thing is that as large chunks of the Shia priesthood, unimpressed by the outcome of Khomeini's experiments with political Islam in Iran, were retreating back into political quietism, this did not produce many open revolts the style of Montazeri since the very nature of political quietism is to keep distance from politics. That no comment appears to have come from Iraq's leading Shia clerics on the post election mess in Tehran should not be understood as a sign of approval. It's a sign that by now the quietist stream is back and in a big way.

When it comes to the elections in Iran, regardless of who won them, their aftermath was so massively mismanaged by the system that it can easily mean Iraq surging as a source of religious and moral authority in the Shia world following the destruction of the last remnants of one in Iran. The situation of the quietists, however, is complicated by the fact that, with its moral authority in shambles after the post election fallout and in the face of a massive opposition, in particular, in big cities, the regime in Tehran is now forced to increasingly rely on the remaining two pillars of its power - the security apparatus and religion. It's very telling in what terms Montazeri has shaped his protest over Khomeini's fatwa calling for execution of Salman Rushdie at the peak of the struggle between the two. "People in the world are getting the idea that our business in Iran is just murdering people," Montazeri said.

This time however, this is no longer about some Indian Muslim expat in the West, but about hundreds of thousands of Shia believers beaten and shot at on the streets of Tehran. And this time it's not about what people in the world may think about Iran, but what the Shia masses themselves may conclude about their religious leaders and the oppression they have to endure in the name of their religion. A velvet divorce between the quietist stream, that by now has become again the mainstream in many parts of the Shia world, and the state in Iran is fast becoming impossible since, even if the religion may be trying to leave the state in peace quietly retreating into the background, the state shows no intention to let go of the religion.

Basically, al-Sistani has made it known that in his view the legitimacy of the Supreme Leader should be confirmed by a majority of believers, it cannot be imposed. However, the ruling clique in Iran seems to be impervious to such subtle suggestions that it should start planning for gradual disengagement of the religion from politics. Instead, one pro-government cleric called for the demonstrators to be executed with another one, or the same one, claiming that the demonstrators are rebelling against God. In some quarters of the high Shia priesthood the anger may be now reaching the boiling point. The regime's intransigence may soon prompt one of the top scholars of the quietist stream to move in and declare the unfortunate experiment over for its failure to deliver. This may start a showdown of religious and scholarly authority between the two streams with various scholars throwing their weight behind one of the two sides.

In some respect the religious underpinnings of the Islamic republic have been lacking for quite a while now. Khamenei's nomination to the Supreme Leader was reportedly greeted with scorn in Qom and elsewhere for the man's lack of appropriate scholarship. About Ahmadinejad it's said that his attempts to incite the most debased and primitive forms of Shia piety are roiling even conservative clerics from the hardcore still supporting the regime - it's not only the quietists who find problem with Ahmadinejad's pretensions to be divinely inspired and his recurring evocations of the Mahdi. The regime in Tehran shouldn't want to get to the point of having to take part in any contest of religious and scholarly credentials since this may reveal how little of those it has left.


For those who don't know, Deep Dish are two Iranians in Washington, USA.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For every nation in the world there should be an Ahmadinejad

By Hyung-jin Kim, Associated Press Writer

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened Wednesday to wipe the United States off the map as Washington and its allies watched for signs the regime will launch a series of missiles in the coming days.



"If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will ... wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all," the official Korean Central News Agency said.


Now Obama should start thinking Amalek...


This post is an update to What are you people doing up here all alone?. If you have comments, leave them there...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shari Arison on "How to stop worry and start living"

Last updated: June 22, 2009

June 21, 2009

Shari Arison interview on Channel Two is making rounds over the web. This is how Reuters is reporting it:

"For many years I've received messages, you could call them transmissions or messages. I see many things before they happen," Arison said in an interview with Israel's Channel Two broadcast late on Saturday.

"Apparently I got this gift to see ahead of time, not in order to run and buy and sell to make more money but to lead the world elsewhere."

The Israeli-American Arison, along with her brother, inherited billions from her late father Ted Arison, who founded Carnival Corp (CCL.N), the world's biggest cruise ship operator. She is the controlling shareholder in Bank Hapoalim (POLI.TA) and also controls Housing and Construction HUCN.TA, Israel's biggest construction company.

Source: Reuters

Of course, once again Israeli message is deliberately and maliciously distorted by the international media. What Shari was basically saying is that, when you have such a gift, all you have to do is to use it to pick up a right daddy and then you will no longer have "to run and buy and sell to make more money" for the rest of your life. You will be free to lead the world "elsewhere".

Yeke Yeke (Afro-Acid Remix)

June 22, 2009

Bank Hapoalim shares plunged as stunned investors were voting with their feet betraying deep seated mistrust of the managerial skills of the genies and spirits now in control of Israel's largest bank (Why can't we all just, you know?? get along?)

"There are many people who get messages in this world. With me it works either through a picture, a word or in my sleep, all kinds of ways," Shari said.

"I receive them directly from above," she added, gesturing with her hands.

Spiritually disinclined individuals usually pick their clues from more mundane sources, something the style of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The Shari effect (Bank Hapoalim shares this morning)

Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)


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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allahu Akbar

Some Twitter avatars were changed to green over the last week while the more enthusiastic among Western sympathizers of the green revolution can now be spotted wearing green ribbons and shirts. Green is the traditional color of Islam and yet nobody seems to mind this. I am wondering what's about another iconic symbol of the revolution, I mean shouting Allahu Akbar from rooftops? In the good old days one could hardly end whispering this Allahu Akbar on a street without having a half of the street hitting the ground with the another half running for cover. Now thanks to the opposition demonstrators, Allahu Akbar took on very different connotations as rightly or wrongly it came to be associated with the pro democracy movement in the Muslim world. It's a pity we don't have diplomatic relations with Iran, otherwise I would just love to go demonstrating, proudly wearing a green shirt and shouting Allahu Akbar in front of the Iranian embassy. Just, you know, for the sake of experience...

:D :D

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Introducing the Dancesaurus

Last updated: August 7, 2009

May 27, 2009

Edmund Conway, economics editor of The Telegraph newspapers and website, has embarked on the noblest mission possible. On his blog he is writing The Dummies Guide to Dance Music.

Edmund Conway

Since a while I came to suspect a strong connection between economics and compulsive clubbing. While not economist by training, I am frequently puzzled by my own obsession with the gas tax and my ability to spend hours making comparative analysis of the gas and carbon taxes. Clubbing is the only thing in my life that came close to this obsession in terms of intensity.

Why exactly the things are the way they are I don't know, but I can only be wondering as to what clubs Krugman is celebrating his Nobel in these days. After all, he was one of the stimulus package major proponents. I am sure he is now using his Nobel to stimulate something.

Guy J - Lunar (Original Mix)

In between clubbing and writing his Dummies Guide, Edmund occasionally also writes serious articles such as this Tumbling towards a sovereign debt crisis?. Some people may find this stuff so scary that they can permanently lose ability to party for the rest of their life. This is not strictly necessary as economists are easily capable of designing even more nightmarish scenarios than this one. This is probably another side effect of their incessant clubbing. For pals like these (and me too by the way), even if the whole country goes bust, as long as Digweed is mixing the things up in Bedrock, the British Empire is live and kicking.

2008 Bedrock After Party - John Digweed

June 20, 2009

El Wahrania

Edmund Conway continues his Electronica series. Besides dedicating a whole post to the techno music, Edmund is inviting his readers to ponder the following question: Do we still need Ibiza? He is also making a very poignant observation regarding the use of liquid nitrogen cannons:

Amnesia, which held its opening party on Saturday, was a similar story. Even bigger than Pacha, the club's highlight, to my mind, is its massive liquid nitrogen cannon which occasionally shoots out supercooled gas into the crowd, both cooling the dancefloor immediately and providing the DJ with the ultimate climax for a drop. Whereas Pacha and Space are where you go for house, Amnesia and Privilege tend to be the places to go for trance.

Now regarding this liquid nitrogen cannon I think it's very important for reasons I have already explained here. In fact, I wish that in the past they could have sprayed me with this liquid nitrogen more often as I frequently used to forget to drink enough water during my after-parties. Nevertheless, to answer Edmund's question: I do think we still need Ibiza, even though I have never been there...

:D :D :D

Safian Rouge - El Wahrania (Montes Midnight Mix)


Some Israelis may be pleased to know that Guy J, the author of an impressive track featured in the first section of the post, is Israeli. Never mind that Lunar being mixed like this at Bedrock after-parties means that, as far as the electronic music goes, we are already a superpower.

July 20, 2009

Drum'n Bass It

The chief economics editor of The Telegraph continues his one-man crusade to encourage the masses to get more appreciation for electronic music. After having failed to seduce his readers with a promise of massive liquid nitrogen cannons capable of cooling down the dancefloor in a split second, Edmund Conway complains about the readers lack of cooperation and tries another trick.

But listening to these records on youtube is no substitution for feeling the impact of the sub-bass - that chunkiest of all burrs which you can only feel when standing next to six-foot high speakers in a club - as a drum and bass tune strikes the dancefloor.

Source: Drum & Bass and Jungle

The comments section remained silent and unimpressed. One just can't help feeling that as Edmund's desperation keeps growing, he will soon start encouraging his readers to pill themselves up before trying to listen to the YouTube's clips generously embedded all over Edmund's Electronica series.

This reminds me of a similar mission undertaken by John Digweed a few years ago during his tour of the Far East. John Digweed appeared before crowds claiming that music actually saves lives, and electronic music can save even more, and rhetorically asking his audiences what life could be without music. Unlike Edmund, however, Digweed's efforts met with a remarkable success confirming his status as one of the world's leading proponents of electronic music. At one point Digweed called on his audience to thank God for bestowing music on humanity, transforming the hall into a huge mosque as thousands of Chinese have got down onto all four in a Muslim like prayer (some witnesses reported that they have actually found much of the audience already on the floor right at the beginning of the event). Here are a few highlights from that memorable lecture John Digweed presented in Hong Kong.

August 7, 2009

How British kids spend their weekends

Edmund Conway went to check how British kids spend their weekends and he came back much encouraged. Despite Edmund's habitually raining on other people's parade (or so he claims), the kids valiantly resisted the unwelcoming weather. The kids were chemically enhanced, of course, and , yet, according to Edmund the kids were so unusually nice that this can't be easily dismissed on the grounds of unnatural manipulation of brain's biochemistry.

What was different was the atmosphere. It was unlike any club, concert or festival I’ve ever been to before. Tens of thousands of youngsters going absolutely crazy in front of me. I must have been around double the age of most of them, and when I tell you I’m 29 you will hopefully see what I mean. But what an eye-opener. I’ve never seen a crowd go as mad as these guys did to the Prodigy and their Aussie inheritors Pendulum. No doubt many of the audience were, ahem, chemically-enhanced, but all the same, there was one thing that struck me. I have been to see the Prodigy before in London, and the crowd were a pretty unpleasant bunch. There were fights. This time around, the kids may have had rather rough edges but there was nothing but goodwill throughout the evening (at least the part that I saw).

Source: How British kids spend their weekends

In the comments section of Edmund's post people were swearing by God that there was no rain on that day and, in general, the unusual association of British kids with such a massive outbreak of goodwill creates the impression that some adults who took part in the festival were chemically enhanced too and in a big way. Nevertheless, I tend to trust Edmund on this matter because I want to believe that every next generation is better than the previous one and that we can now safely retire from the scene knowing that the world is safe in the hands of the new generation.

Over the next days since his experience Edmund made a few scary posts about the credit crunch and general state of the British economy, but who cares when you know that the generation of these wonderful kids is soon to take matters into their hands? Hold my hand, Edmund. We are going to make it.

El Farouki - Take My Hand


Born in Morocco and currently mixing and being mixed everywhere, El Farouqi tells about himself that he switched to electronic music after seven years of violin and classical music. If you like deep and gradually escalating tracks, he is the man. As Nizo says: May Allah Bless The Arabs.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Underground Love

Bertil Lintner
YaleGlobal, 9 June 2009

. . .
. . .
. . .

In southern Lebanon following the 2006 war, Israel’s Defense Forces and the United Nations found several of the underground complexes, which by then had been abandoned by Hezbollah militants. By coincidence or not, these tunnels and underground rooms – some big enough for meetings to be held there – are strikingly similar to those the South Koreans have unearthed under the Demilitarized Zone that separates South from North Korea. Under small, manhole cover-sized entrances hidden under grass and bushes were steel-lined shafts with ladders leading down to big rooms with electricity, ventilation, bathrooms with showers and drainage systems. Some of the tunnels are 40 meters deep and located only 100 meters from the Israeli border. North Korea’s possible involvement in digging these tunnels is however, difficult to ascertain. According to Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman, a senior officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who had defected to the West, revealed that, "thanks to the presence of hundreds of Iranian engineers and technicians, and experts from North Korea who were brought in by Iranian diplomats…Hezbollah succeeded in building a 25-kilometer subterranean strip in South Lebanon."

Beirut sources suggest that it is more likely that Hezbollah has used North Korean designs and blueprints given to them by their Syrian or Iranian allies – both of whom are close to the North Koreans. (Both Iran and Syria have acquired missile technology from North Korea, and what was believed to be a secret nuclear reactor in Syria built with North Korean help was destroyed by the Israeli air force in September 2007.) Either way, North Korean expertise in tunneling has become a valuable commodity for export. And Pyongyang is flexible about the method of payment as long as it helps the international pariah regime.

Source: YaleGlobal Online

Love Is In The Air Under The Ground (Tom Novy Dub)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

So how big is that bomb?

A poll, commissioned by the Institute for National Security Studies of Tel Aviv University, established that only 20 percent of Israelis believe that a nuclear Iran would try to destroy Israel. Most Israelis, according to the poll, remain unphazed by the nuclear threat.

Asked how a nuclear-armed Iran would affect their lives, 80 percent of respondents said they expected no change. Eleven percent said they would consider emigrating and 9 percent said they would consider relocating inside Israel.

Source: Reuters

Until now analysts seem to have been in agreement that Iran's rulers are no suicidal bunch eager to incinerate themselves and their country during an exchange of nuclear strikes between Iran and Israel. Some even claimed that Iran's nuclear program is actually designed with the Arabs in mind. Its purpose is deterrence and even not necessarily against Israel. Most Israelis seem to be reasonable enough to avoid succumbing to hysteria.

However, eleven percent who would consider emigrating is a significant number. Of course it's doubtful that even 1 percent will actually do it. Yet, the bomb is now a factor that on some occasions may determine the outcome of personal situations compounded by other considerations. The bomb may have even more impact on immigration, in particular, from the West. In short, even before coming into existence, Iran's nuclear bomb is already taking its toll on the demographic situation within Israel.

That's why I can hardly stress enough a point I was making elsewhere. Regardless of the recent dynamics between the Jewish and Arab birth rates, this is a region where no chances should be taken. And if an opportunity to completely solve the demographic problem for the next 50 years exists, and in this region even 20 years are eternity, then it should be taken advantage of without asking for anybody's opinion.

Jeff Mills

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


In an astonishing act of self cannibalism the political establishment in Iran has rigged elections won by one of its own and put dozens of the so called reformists under house arrest. The record turnout followed by violent clashes on the streets means that this time the ruling elite has not only succeeded to antagonize large sections of its power base, but also destroyed the bulk of whatever goodwill it still commanded among the wider population.

No less astonishing is the fact that according to the official results the leading opposition candidate failed to win majority in his home town, while another opposition candidate failed to get even 10% in his town. Come on, gays guys, this is the Middle East. Even if Mousawi were to lose by ratio of 10 to 1, I would have still expected him to win by a landslide in Tabriz. But when the official results are something like 2 to 1, at least the Azeri heartland Mousawi was sure to take by storm. The people who are running Iran these days seem to be no longer capable of even rigging elections properly and, yet, they want to develop nuclear technology. In one word - amateurs.

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I am / was posting there . . .

June 14, 2009

Daniel Gordis

Obama is right, it’s time for honesty (Asking tough questions)


Flee Parestine! (Make it flee!!!)

June 10, 2009


Obama's Moves

May 8, 2009


Musings on Lebanon: Beavers VS Tsunamis (Lebanon and the future of the Middle East)

All Threads . . .

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making friends with elephants

Last updated: June 13, 2009

June 11, 2009

Barack Obama may be just an innocent abroad or cunning and sophisticated manipulator, but there are a few basic principles that Israelis should keep in mind when dealing with the USA. The first of them postulates that when you are a mouse who made friends with an elephant, you should never forget who is the mouse and who is the elephant. Having your friend carrying you back and forth day and night on his back in order to keep you amused is no reason to assume that for their survival elephants are critically dependent on somebody continuously sucking their blood.

Occasionally you may find your friend getting irrational and throwing himself into water and insisting that you do the same on the grounds that aquatic lifestyles are infinitely superior to life on land from ethical and ecological points of view. On those occasions you should do just this even if such adventure is carrying significant risks of your friend drowning himself and you due to the sheer mass of his gigantic body. Surrender yourself to the river and try going effortlessly with the flow, there is still a chance you can make it to the other shore. The alternative is to simply find yourself trampled a whole dozen of centimeters deep into the ground.

Now when it comes to Brack Obama himself, we should consider two things: his vision and the methods. When it comes to the vision, I have embedded below a short video that in my view perfectly catches the vision. Those Israelis who still feel confused and unsure about the new president are strongly encouraged to start by viewing the video at least ten times before they proceed to memorize every Hebrew word of it. The next stage of practice involves forming small discussion groups of from five to ten individuals to debate the contents of the video. The recommendation regarding the size of groups is based on my experience that less than five tends to undermine the main advantage of group study as a form of collective intelligence while more than ten creates chaos and erodes the quality of discussions. I guarantee that by assiduously studying the contents of the video and vigorously debating them, 99% of people will be perfectly capable of mastering the full depth and complexity of the philosophy of the new American president.

Here are the English lyrics.

So what's about the methods? The new administration was pretty consistent in its style until now and so some idea of what is waiting for us in the future can be gathered from examining Obama's past moves. First of all, this is a very comprehensive president who is thinking big and only big. The man seems to have little patience for quarter and half measures - he wants to tackle it all and do it all away with comprehensive programs the style of the cap and trade scheme.

Barack Obama also seems to be in a sort of hurry to do it now without delay or maybe he is just impatient. This comes together with a certain lack of interest in details. Many times it looks as if for Obama the important thing is to start the process. He is plainly betting on working out technicalities on the fly. The same cap and trade was surrendered to the politicians and, as it makes rounds through various stations of the political system, it has already taken such a downgraded and diluted form that even many skeptics were left disappointed. Whether Obama just does not care or doesn't bother with details is hard to know, but he may well be waiting for his chance to start tightening this thing once it's finally out.

Experts are often wondering about how Obama is planning to pay for his massive projects while simultaneously cutting the US enormous deficits. No satisfactory answer was provided until now besides the expectation of a swift and robust recovery of the US economy. This suggests excessive optimism as an outstanding personal trait, unless the man is even more cunning than his adversaries suspect, because the alternative explanation is that Barack Obama is now concentrating his efforts on getting it all started. But he may well be keeping higher taxes and painful spending cuts up his sleeve. My bet is that he is a very optimistic idealist.

When it comes to the Middle East, the combination of all these sums up into way more than the two state solution. It should be something the style of the Saudi peace plan - a comprehensive program of regionwide stabilization. It may happen to be absolutely unrealistic. There should be expected a significant pressure on all sides to start moving on almost immediately. However, once the process started, the US may retreat into the background, letting the sides to figure out the technicalities between themselves. This may prove to be a terminal mistake.

The important detail to keep in mind is that, despite the image of an ultra liberal for unknown reasons still cultivated in some circles, Barack Obama may well be pretty tough and in some respects a conservative person. This is a very unusual president with the most bizarre personal history. Trying to think him in regular categories may completely miss the point. Israelis have been already let to feel the rage, but neither the Arabs nor Persians should draw any wrong conclusions from this. The Persians in particular should think twice before implying that they liked the talk but want to see some action first, since the action may well come in the form of clouds of B-52 strategic bombers swarming over Iran's nuclear installations.

In his address to the Muslim world Obama said the US commitment to Israel is special and unbreakable. This is important. However, on another occasion Obama said that in the past the US was not always telling Israel when Israel was wrong. Basically, Obama's message is very simple and clear: We are your friends, but we have other commitments and our own interests too. And sometimes our understanding of what is good for you differs from yours, and we know better. And we have ways to make you do what we think you should do. And you should better start doing it yourselves.

The bottom line is that Barack Obama may be a messiah and savior or he may be about to plunge this region in chaos for decades to come, but, whatever it is, this is not the right moment to cross the American president on his grand ambitions. Trying to get the best out of it is a correct way to handle this situation. The best can be a permanent US military base in Israel, or an explicit permission to ransack or reoccupy the West Bank if the two state solution and evacuation of settlements ends with massive rocket fire from across the border. American pressure is a good excuse to come with to the settlers and start dragging them out of the West Bank. It's equally important to forget not to build more fences and fortify the already existing ones. What is not a correct approach is standing on the way of a one-hundred-tonne raging beast.


It's well known that prolonged exposure to Arik Einstein music involves undeniable dangers of harmful personality transformations and permanent brain structure damage. Some victims who spent more than their share of time listening to Einstein were later observed listening to bird songs in the morning and contemplating flowers for hours in parks and gardens. Another clip is provided here for those folks just in case immediate intervention is needed to erase harmful side effects of the previous video. The following next eight minutes of techno music will cure your soul of Arik Einstein's decadent influences and completely restore you back to sanity.

Ellen Allien - GO ( Marcel Dettmann Remix)

June 13, 2009

Actually I have changed my mind about some elements of my scenario. Regarding this one...

When it comes to the Middle East, the combination of all these sums up into way more than the two state solution. It should be something the style of the Saudi peace plan - a comprehensive program of regionwide stabilization. It may happen to be absolutely unrealistic. There should be expected a significant pressure on all sides to start moving on almost immediately. However, once the process started, the US may retreat into the background, letting the sides to figure out the technicalities between themselves. This may prove to be a terminal mistake.

The certain lack of attention span and tendency to fail to notice the existence of trees in a mass of forest I suspect this administration of, will be probably expressed as an attempt to push the region into rapidly adopting a hastily crafted solution that will contain within itself seeds of its own destruction.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Wild Justice

New books claim sense of morality is not unique to humans. It's shared by many species of mammals.

Humpback whales were found to possess fully developed brain structures that in humans are believed to be responsible for empathy and understanding the feelings of others

One of the most amazing videos of pilot whales interaction with humans. A woman swam to a group of pilot whales and tried to play with one of them. The whale dragged her under water but half way through the animal seems to have figured out that the woman is drowning and rushed her back to the surface. The woman escaped the incident with minor scratches. The bizarre comments section full of "she got what she deserves" and "whales have the right to defend themselves" shows that as far as spindle cells go, pilot whales have truckloades more of them than humans.

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