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Friday, March 20, 2009

The politics of cycles

For a person who was campaigning as the only one who can stop Bibi, Livni seems to be about to bring too many misfortunes on our head. I may not mind Bibi or Ivet, but I certainly mind loonies from the Jewish House or Shas and her ultra friends with their child subsidies. Neither after having considered the matter for a short while, I can find any reason why this shit should be happening to us at all, except for the failure of this woman to get control of herself during her cycles. If I were a Kadima supporter, I would not forget Livni this time.

Kadima is frequently claimed to be not a party well built for spending any significant amount of time in opposition. And this may be just as true as the fact that Bibi and Likud are not well built these days for such a coalition they are now finding themselves cornered in. Bibi is plainly understanding this, given how much he was trying to lure livni and Barak into creating a unity government. Now when what was supposed to be our center is so vigorously engaging in self destruction, I start really wondering what we'll be left with in the next elections.

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