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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Everybody Surprised

This time the IDF has plainly surprised not only Hamas but itself just as much. After another week of what seemed to be the regular unconvincing mumbling about a harsh response about to come if Hamas doesn't stop firing rockets, there came a massive well planned and executed attack. It appears that all security compounds, military outposts and police stations came under attack at the same time. Nowhere it appears the personnel has received any advanced warning and none of the buildings was evacuated prior to the attack. The elevated number of military commanders reported dead suggests that Hamas was caught completely off guard. It's a sure bet that neither IDF had expected the operation to turn into such a decisive blow.

Of course Hamas is not fatally wounded by any means, but still this one should hurt a lot. Given Israeli unwillingness to go back into Gaza in full force in order to reoccupy the strip, there may follow a limited ground operation but otherwise the so called ceasefire should be back soon. Hamas will moderate rocket fire to a couple of Kassams per day while the IDF will continue dragging its feet on providing anti missile defenses to the frontline towns.


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