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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Eyes of Lunacy

As'ad AbuKhalil, about whom the IraqPundit once said that he typifies much that is repulsive about the pan-Arabist poseur, and who goes in the blogsphere under the name of Angry Arab is running one of the most popular Arab blogs in English. On every single day Asad offers his readers the same invariable mix of the typically Asad's cynicism and no less typical Arab conspiracism. Asad's cynicism may at first appear of not a bad quality, but it quickly turns very repetitive and boring if one keeps following the blog. According to Asad, everybody is at fault except George Habbash. Habbash was a real man. Ever since he died, Asad's life is like a dark night without a glimpse of light. Even fried eggplants, Asad's favorite dish, don't help.

In terms of ideology Asad is a living proof that some of the dinosaurs and mastodons may have survived into the current age and be wandering around the jungles of Congo or Borneo at this very moment. There hardly exists one single ideology discredited by history and proven hopeless beyond repair by experience that is not part of Asad's ideological baggage. Apart from his antiquated pan-Arabism, the man is also a kind of a Marxist (though Asad's understanding of Marxism seems to be no better than his understanding of anything else).

Normal people who by mistake stumble on Asad's blog are quick to correct the mistake, though usually not before having left a comment like this one:

. . .

This is the first article of yours I read. If this is an accurate sample of your analytical abilities generally it hardly seems worth reading anymore.

Be as angry as you like--but do you have to be so damned stupid?


With normal people all gone, only idiots and perverts stay. The idiots worship Asad's blog, Asad is the idiots' god. The perverts keep coming back because they get hooked on Asad's comments section (The author of this blog belongs to this group). The comments section of Asad's blog is the crown jewel of the whole blogsphere. At any time of the day the section is full of life as a whole bunch of highly dedicated and intelligent individuals are busying themselves with filling the space with dozens and hundreds of extremely subtle and thoughtful comments.

Anyway, what's relevant to the subject of the post is that a few days ago Asad surprised some of his readers when he lashed at the Albanian separatists in Kosovo by quoting from something published by Abunimah (another one very intelligent individual).

Monday, February 25, 2008

"By identifying Israel with the supposed underdog, ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, Haaretz implicitly recognizes that there are indeed some striking similarities though not ones it would acknowledge. Kosovo, like Israel, was illegally severed by force of arms from another country against the wishes of the majority population of the whole territory. Both entities came into being and can only survive with the sponsorship and support of the Great Powers of the day who sustain them in violation of international law because it suits their imperial interests. Furthermore, both entities are animated by a virulent ethno-nationalism that is fundamentally incompatible with the values of freedom, tolerance and democracy that they claim to have come into being to uphold. In this sense, Kosovo is the latest in a collection of Western-backed pseudo-states that also includes the Kurdish entity (!!! NB) in northern Iraq."

Posted by As'ad at 6:52 AM


Some readers thought that this time Asad went a bit overboard with his proletarian internationalism or how do they call it in Marxism. Western-backed or not, it's nice to get another Muslim state in Kosovo. Though the "Kurdish entity" faired worse with Asad's readers (many of the readers are Arabs). The readers also seem to be generally unaware of the intensity of the pro-American sentiment among Albanians.

However, a week later Asad has staged a very impressive comeback when he's taught his readers by personal example that proletarian internationalism or not, there are still things about which there can be no compromises.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I sincerely am curious: how do Arab supporters of the Iranian regime justify Iranian occupation of the three UAE's islands?

Posted by As'ad at 11:11 AM


Some people may say that Asad is not always equally smart and consistent in his views. If anything, it's the UAE that rather looks like a Western-backed pseudo-state and not Iran. There may be some truth in this but then who really cares? My personal experience suggests that when talking to Arabs it's much safer to avoid mentioning Iran and Iranians.

Anyway, that was the voice of lunacy. And these are the eyes of it.

As'ad AbuKhalil - The Eyes of Lunacy

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