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Friday, October 19, 2007

America's Most Enthusiastic Ally

America may feel frustrated by the ingratitude of the Europeans who seem to be never able to appreciate the fact of being saved three times (twice from the Germans and once from the Russians) by the super power. Neither this prickly and always begging for more money Israel gives the USA any reason to feel proud about as it has recently switched from winning blitz krieg wars in seven days to months long unconvincing air bombing campaigns.

Yet not everything is lost for the mighty America. There are still bright spots in the world where visiting Yankees can expect hospitality, if not an overly enthusiastic reception. The following piece from the Washington Post's article on an absolutely unrelated subject provides a surprising glimpse into the intensity of the pro American sentiment in . . . Muslim Albania !!!

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While esteem for the United States is falling in much of the world, pro-Americanism among the population here has deep and virtually uninterrupted roots. This sentiment began, as many Albanians can recite, with President Woodrow Wilson's support for Albanian independence. The United States also won gratitude by opposing more than four decades of communist dictatorship that ended in the early 1990s.

Intervention by warplanes of the United States and other NATO countries on behalf of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999 boosted that standing further. Today, Albania is a steadfast ally of the United States, sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and pursuing hopes of joining the NATO alliance itself.

A visit by President Bush to Tirana this summer prompted tumultuous celebration on the streets. One local newspaper had just run an editorial headlined: "Please occupy us." (!!! NB)

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Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, October 17, 200


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