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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wahhabite Russia - II

Continued from Wahhabite Russia - I

Last updated: September 2, 2007

August 26, 2007


Another Russian Muslim republic in the Caucasus seems to be exploding. On August 23 a Russian convoy came under attack in Ingushetia. One APC (armored personnel carrier) and a truck were destroyed.

MOSCOW, Aug 23 (Reuters) - One Russian soldier was killed and at least three wounded when a column of troops came under attack overnight in the southern province of Ingushetia that borders Chechnya, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday.

Itar-Tass said the unidentified attackers, who used guns and grenades, escaped after targeting a truck and an armoured personnel carrier carrying Interior Ministry troops. The attack took place late on Wednesday.

Interfax later said another Interior Ministry serviceman was injured in a separate attack by gunmen at a police checkpoint in Ingushetia on Thursday.

Russia has managed to subdue large-scale resistance by separatist rebels in the predominantly Muslim Chechnya region after two major wars since 1994.

But in Ingushetia there has been a considerable rise in attacks on police and Russian troops that officials blame on criminal elements and Islamist militants linked to Chechen rebels.

Russia sent an additional 2,500 troops to Ingushetia earlier this month.


One of the wounded soldiers was interviewed by the Russian Channel NTV in a hospital.

The TV presenter starts with news from Dagestan (another Muslim republic in the Caucasus) where a special unit of Russian police came under fire too. Two policemen were killed and five injured. Another battle erupted in Ingushetia when a column of an APC and an 'Ural' truck came under small arms and RPG fire. One person was killed and another five wounded. This is how one of the soldiers related the incident:

We were at about 500 meters from the police checkpoint when there was an explosion. The APC was thrown into the air. We came under fire from all directions. We turned around and returned fire. The battle went on for about two minutes then there was silence. Apparently they retreated into the forest.

The situation in both Muslim republics remains unstable and attacks on the army and special police units are frequent. Ingushetia appears to be particularly tense.

Radio Free Europe was reporting on August 1:

. . .

Simmering Insurgency

Many young men, especially those whose relatives were abducted and disappeared, have flocked to join the ranks of the Chechen resistance, and took part in the multiple attacks in June 2004 on police and security facilities in which some 80 people died.

In recent weeks, attacks by militants aligned with the Chechen resistance on government and police facilities and the killings of local and republican government officials have become an almost daily occurrence. On July 21, gunmen opened fire on Zyazikov's (President of Ingushetia NB) motorcade in Magas, and on July 27, militants opened fire with mortars on an FSB (Federal Security Service NB) base, killing at least one Russian serviceman.

. . .


August 29, 2007

To give some color to this grim subject...


Dags (Dagestan) vs Ossetians

Midnight. Moscow. A late underground train. Lezginka. (Russian speaking enthusiasts of diversity and peaceful co-existence are strongly advised against reading the comments section of the original Youtube page.)

A Chechen is dancing Lezginka

Ossetian Honga

Last Updated: September 2, 2007

The mess in Ingushetia appears to be moving into a new stage. Ethnic Russian civilians have been deliberately targeted in one of the attacks.

BBC World Service
Friday, 31 August 2007

Four people have been killed in a large explosion in the city of Nazran, capital of the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia, reports say.

The blast took place as a security forces vehicle passed a government building, Interfax news agency says.

The Nazran blast killed four policemen, Russian news agencies reported. Three died at the scene and one later in hospital.

One police officer told the Reuters news agency a Lada car packed with explosives blew up in the town centre.

. . .

On Thursday night three men - the husband and two sons of an ethnic Russian schoolteacher - were killed in an attack.

The woman, Vera Draganchuk, escaped by jumping out of a window, police said.

The attack is the second of its kind in two months.

Lyudmila Teryokhina, a Russian teacher, and her two children were shot dead in Ingushetia in July.


The situation in the Northern Caucasus now looks like this: the Russians largely succeeded to crush the bulk of the Chechen rebellion though low scale insurgency continues. At the same time violence is on the rise both in Dagestan and Ingushetia and attacks on the army and police are now reported on a weekly basis. This means that the Russians may have succeeded to fight off the Chechen rebels but they seem to have failed to stop the insurgency spreading across the Northern Caucasus. The Russian military may find fighting three insurgencies at the same time a real challenge.


This is what news from Ingushetia looked like today on Russia Today.

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