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Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Luck

Last updated: August 12, 2007

August 2, 2007

Warning !!! Very Racist !!!

Our peace camp just misses one opportunity after another. Barely Israel made up its mind about supporting moderates against extremists in Gaza as the extremists kicked all so called moderates out of Gaza. Now it appears that a great opportunity has presented itself for our peace campers to finally reach to and shake hands with Egyptian soldiers across the border but here Sudanese refugees have arrived and spoiled the party. This is what i call bad luck.

The Jerusalem Post
Aug. 2, 2007

Egyptian soldiers executed four Sudanese refugees near the Egypt-Israel border overnight Wednesday in full view of IDF troops, a shaken-sounding IDF soldier said in an interview with Channel 10, Thursday evening.

According to the soldier, female IDF troops operating night vision devices identified several refugees approaching the border in an attempt to infiltrate Israel and alerted other soldiers who arrived after a few minutes in an army jeep.

However, Egyptian troops who also discovered the refugees, fired upon them, immediately killing two and wounding a third. A fourth refugee ran towards the fence and an IDF soldier stretched out his hands, trying to help him cross.

At that point, the soldier recalled, two Egyptian soldiers arrived and started pulling at the refugee's legs.

"It was literally like we were playing 'tug of war' with this man," the soldier said. The soldier eventually loosened his grip on the man, fearing the Egyptians would shoot him.

"They were aiming loaded weapons straight at us, I was afraid they were going to shoot us," he said.

The Egyptians then carried the man several meters away from the border fence, and proceeded to beat him and another wounded refugee to death with stones and clubs.

"What happened there yesterday was a lynch. These are not men, they're animals. They killed him without even using firearms," the soldier said. "We just heard screams of pain and the sounds of beatings. Then the screams stopped."

The entire event was caught on IDF tapes, but, the soldier said, his commanders, who were not at the site, would not dare watch them.

A Channel 10 commentator said the channel preferred not to show the tape, so as not to cause a diplomatic row with Egypt.

Egyptian authorities said that they would investigate the incident.


Technically speaking Egyptians soldiers should be interested in letting these Sudanese to cross the border to add upon Israel's mounting refugee crisis, never mind Israel's uncertain demographic situation. Yet the mere thought that a Muslim would flee two Muslim Arab countries: first Sudan, then Egypt, to look for a shelter among Jews insults the very senses of these people. Israelis should be grateful that the Arab brain is shaped this way, it gives the Arabs that extra motivation to guard our border.

August 12, 2007

I Salute You

This is my improvization on Jean's Salut post

The representative for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Israel has admitted that the UN representatives struggle to cope with the influx of African refugees into Israel:

"We cannot cope with the speed at which they are entering the country, and the backlog continues to grow," said Bavli.

This is because the rate of infiltration was steadily rising over past weeks.

The flow of refugees has swelled from several hundred for all of 2006 to the current 50-60 a day. Sheetrit (Interior Minister) attributed the increase to refugees in Israel reporting back to family members about the jobs and living conditions available in the Jewish state.


At this rate between 18,000 to 20,000 African refugees should be expected to enter a country within a year, though it's not sure that the infiltration rate has already peaked out and it's probably not. There are between several hundreds thousands to a few millions of Sudanese in Egypt and thousands of people who have been refused refugee status by UN representatives in Egypt. The possibility of getting a second change in Israel has apparently set in motion hundreds and thousands of these people (and probably thousands of others who decided to try it for the first time :D :D ). Never mind that Sudanese are only part of all refugees trying to enter Israel.

Meanwhile Egypt, infuriated by accusations of Egyptian soldiers mistreating and killing infiltrators circulated by the Israeli media, issued a statement to prevent any possible misunderstanding on Israel's part.

"Egypt has informed Israel - officially - that it is not obligated to receive any non-Egyptian citizen who illegally crosses the border into Israel," the statement said.

The statement appeared to contradict an announcement by the Israeli government following a July 1 meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which said that an agreement had been reached to hand back illegal migrants to the Egyptians.


The timing of this announcement could not be better and Israel should better start worrying in serious about finding itself stuck with thousands of African Muslims within its borders (should I mention that African Muslims tend to have African high birth rates? :D :D ) and with reduced options of deporting the refugees or finding them another host country.

In the worst case the current situation may even undo the modest achievements Israel's government had in recent years in containing the population growth in its Muslim Arab sector. In a country in which every one out of four births right now is to Arab parents this is no small achievement.

Though I feel like it really too much work to start elaborating on all consequences and possible future scenarios of the current situation, I just cannot help making the following observation:

Last summer Israel has surprised itself by failing to stop a few thousands of Hezbollah guerrillas from raining rockets on North Israel after a whole month of unprecedented bombing campaign and a massive ground invasion.

Yet this year this country is going to vastly surpass its last year achievement, as this summer Israel is poised to become a loser in a war that Muslims fight hundreds kilometers away in Africa :D :D

:D :D

A part of the big 'thank you' for this certainly belongs to the Israeli blogsphere that largely supported the senseless campaign around this issue waged by the mainstream media. During the campaign the image of Holocaust was evoked as frequently as any serious and facts based discussion of the situation was avoided. Many Israeli bloggers assisted the mainstream media by replicating this nonsense on their blogs further confusing and misinforming the public.

For this and your other achievements I salute you, you idiots :D :D

:D :D

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