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Thursday, August 2, 2007

When a Spider Meets a %$^&*

Last updated: August 2, 2007

July 1, 2007

When a Spider Meets a Spider

The Army of Islam, or the Dughmush clan, or whoever it is, is proving that in our region the evolution of more and more hardened strains of spiders is proceeding at an accelerating pace.

The Army of Islam, the group that abducted and is holding Cpl. Gilad Schalit and BBC reporter Alan Johnston captive, kidnapped 10 Hamas members in Gaza on Monday in retaliation for Hamas arresting the Army of Islam's spokesman.


This came after the same Johnston was recorded on a clip with explosives attached to his body with the Army of Islam threatening to execute the hostage in case Hamas attempts to release him by force. Yesterday the Army of Islam threatened Hamas with 30 car bombs that it claims are waiting for Hamas militiamen surrounding the Dughmush clan compound in Gaza.

Needless to say, the group is daring to challenge Hamas after the latter's spectacular victory over Fatah when in six days the Kassam brigades have dispersed the 40 thousand strong Fatah forces.


More on spiders and spiderwebs is here.

July 3, 2007

By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer

25 minutes ago

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas gunmen on Tuesday took up positions around the stronghold of the shadowy group holding kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston, stepping up the pressure to secure the correspondent's release.

Members of Hamas' 6,000-strong militia moved onto rooftops of high-rise buildings and deployed gunmen in streets in the Gaza City neighborhood inhabited by the Doghmush clan.

. . .

The Army of Islam, whose formerly close relations with Hamas have soured, has demanded that Britain first release a radical Islamic cleric with ties to al-Qaida. It also has threatened to kill Johnston if Hamas tried to free him by force.


July 9, 2007

When a Spider meets a Lion

. . .

On Monday, Hamas operatives raiding the hideout of a notorious drug ring stumbled upon a lion stolen at riflepoint two years ago from the Gaza Zoo, said a force commander, Abu Hamam al-Deeb. But she was malnourished, missing four teeth, claws and part of her tail, a veterinarian said.

The operatives found the 2-year-old lion - as well as drugs and a weapons cache that were the target of the raid - after exchanging fire with the gunmen, al-Deeb said.

Sabrina was brought back to the Gaza Zoo and reunited with her brother, Sakher, who had avoided capture by resisting the gunmen. The two playfully swatted each other in the face and chased each other. When a zoo guard tried to pet Sabrina, Sakher crouched as if ready to pounce on him.

. . .


I would say it was a very reckless move on Sakher's part. Gaza is a place where lions should better keep a distance from humans. This is no fucking Africa.

July 16, 2007

There can be only one SuperSpider

Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip have arrested members of two radical Islamic groups who were behind a series of attacks on Internet cafes, hair salons, restaurants and hotels over the past year, sources close to Hamas revealed over the weekend.

The sources said members of Hamas's paramilitary Executive Force raided the homes of 12 men belonging to the Army of Islam and the Righteous Swords of Islam.

During the raids, some of the suspects opened fire at the Hamas militiamen, but no one was hurt, the sources said.

The two groups are believed to be affiliated with Al-Qaida.

The Army of Islam is headed by gang leader Mumtaz Dughmush, who was behind the kidnapping of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston.

"Most of the men who were arrested are university students and teenagers," said one source. "We seized many weapons and explosives in their possession."

At least 50 Internet cafes have been bombed over the past 18 months in the Gaza Strip. In addition, many hair salons and restaurants were set on fire or bombed by members of the two groups.


The Army of Islam, apparently led by the Dughmush clan, was the last force in Gaza to challenge Hamas over the fate of the British hostage kidnapped by the clan. In the confrontation between the two the Army of Islam threatened to blow up the hostage, while Hamas gunmen put the clan compound in Gaza under siege. The Army of Islam also threatened to unleash 30 car bombs on the Hamas militiamen besieging the clan and engaged in a series of retaliatory kidnappings against Hamas.

The hostage released, the gloves are off and Hamas opens in clampdown on the remaining opposition. There can be only one spider in Gaza.

July 16, 2007

And Now . . . the SuperBee !!!

|3run0 said...

The late Farfour got a cousin, a Bee (!) called Nahoul.

At least there is no copyright infringement this time, which is an improvement of sorts ;-)

Given the extremely short shelf life of the Palestinian martyr fauna I have already started writing my next obituary.


By the way, who are these killers of prophets and innocent children? Who are these bustards they are talking about all the time?

August 1, 2007

Roman Kalik said...

Well, it seems Hamas managed to free Johnston. Alive, at that. Maybe the Army of Islam was just a collection of boasts and lies after all.

July 04, 2007 3:47 PM

Nobody said...

i would rather say that there is a boss now in gaza ... no parallel structures will be tolerated ... we'll see what they are going to do about islamic jihad

July 04, 2007 4:16 PM

No place for mini-spiders in Gaza

The Jerusalem Post
Aug. 1, 2007
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip

Hamas opened fire on an Islamic Jihad stronghold in the Gaza Strip late Wednesday, setting off a firefight in which one person was killed, security officials said.

The clash resulted from an incident the night before, when Islamic Jihad gunmen fired in the air in celebration during a wedding, both sides said. Hamas has banned firing weapons in public.

On Wednesday, Hamas fired a rocket at a house in Gaza City and traded fire with Islamic Jihad operatives inside, wounding 10 people, hospital officials said. One gunmen later died of his wounds, Hamas said. Gunfire could be heard for several hours.

Islamic Jihad leader Khader Habib said the raid was unnecessary. "I solved the situation at the wedding yesterday," he said.

Hamas said in a statement that the Islamic Jihad operatives were ordered to hand over their weapons but failed to do so, and "we implemented the law."

The incident is an indication of growing animosity between the two extremist Islamic groups, now that their common enemy, has been vanquished. Hamas has pledged to keep the streets of Gaza safe, a contrast to the gang warfare and widespread crime that was prevalent while Fatah was in control, and appears to be sending a signal to other armed groups that they must buckle under to Hamas rule.


August 2, 2007

The Jerusalem Post
Aug. 2, 2007
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip

Two Palestinians were killed Thursday in Gaza City as Hamas and Islamic Jihad continued their violent clashes over the right to fire weapons in public.

Islamic Jihad said its men were ambushed early Thursday by Hamas gunmen, dragged out of a mosque and shot in the legs. Another man, Nidal al-Daya, was shot in the head, Islamic Jihad said.

A bystander, Salah al-Amoudi, who happens to be a Fatah official, was shot dead by masked gunmen shortly after as he was making his way home from the mosque, witnesses and hospital officials said.


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