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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Majed vs Logic

Do you remember that asshole Lisa interviewed in Beirut ?

. . .

At a café called Torino Express in Gemmayzeh, Beirut’s trendiest neighbourhood, I met Majed, a 28 year-old Shi’a who grew up in Dahiyeh. He moved to Gemmayzeh a few years ago, and has managed the café for years. He told me proudly that Torino’s was the only café that stayed open during the war.

. . .

“In Dahiyeh, there is a square. There is a security square for Hezbollah. Israel was just pointing in this area. Besides that, they didn’t hit the rest of the Dahiyeh. But those 500 buildings in the security zone, they look as though they were hit by an earthquake that registered 9 on the Richter scale.

Majed, who studied architecture, explained his theory to me as to why Hezbollah hasn’t rehabilitated the neighborhood and it still stands in ruins.

“Now they are waiting.”

For what? “Maybe because they already know there will be another war.”

. . .

“It’s already planned in their book, the holy book for the Jewish,” he explained to me solemnly. “They said 2000 years ago there is a plan to make the big country of Israel starting from the Nile River to the Euphrates River in Iraq.”

And you think that Israel is going to attack again?

“I think so because in the last war they failed in their plans.”


Now, the guy has been apparently deeply moved by the scandal that erupted around Lisa's trip to Lebanon and so he paid a visit to the comments section of her post:

majed :

hay lisa,u remember me?im majed,the manager of torino,u fooled me,and i really thought that i know every single journalist comes to my place,but really u were clever.but if i knew that u were israeli reporter,i wud've arrest u and catch ur butt.i have the right to suit u now,and i'll do,no body cud get me into troubles.and its not ur fault,its the fault of the general security,how they cud'nt recognized u?u r famous as i saw..dont ever think u cud come back to gemmayze or my caffe or anywhere in beirut or in lebanon.this is not ur place u cud make ur reports..i trust no body now, im blaming my self how u told me u work for europian newspaper,i cud felt something wrong,but u were clever and u knew how u played it..i really wanna suit u coz u didnt respect anything,coz u r israeli..and what u wrote,is not what i said,i said that i dont trust israel,but of course u wanted to write a good things,coz its ur country.'ah plz,give me a cappuccino'.u r not cool at all to fool ppl..dont ever come back to lebanon.


!!! For god's sake, and from what she wrote one could think that he trusts Israel ??!!

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