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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tohu va-Vohu


I would probably express the feeling of many people living in the region, if I say that the place seems to be quickly approaching the state of total Tohu va-Vohu (Hebrew for total mess NB).

One civil war is ending right now in Gaza. That one was short, but another one is already starting in the West Bank where Hamas and Fatah are trading fire in some places. Yet another civil war or revolution will probably follow shortly and it will be fought between the Fatah old guard led by Abu Mazen and their movement. The Palis are still busy shooting each other, but there are too many reports of a tremendous mismanagement of the Fatah forces in Gaza and a huge scandal should be expected over next days. Given that the Palis are not in the habit of nominating Vinograd committees, my advise to Fatah leaders is to avoid sleeping in their homes.

Lebanon. The Lebanese army appears to be as close to taking over Nahr el-Bared as it was three weeks ago. Very few people find this fact surprising. Meanwhile the Syrians, or the Palestinians, or whoever it is, are back and big planting bombs around the place. An anti Syrian MK was killed today. LP was there but he was not hurt.

Iraq. Sunnis, or Zionists, or whoever they were, have destroyed today the two remaining minarets of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, that lovely Shia shrine whose destruction started the current semi civil war in Iraq. Already several Sunni mosques are reported to have been attacked. Tomorrow morning expect many many bodies found dumped on streets of Baghdad or floating along the Euphrates river. The American surge in Iraq seems to have come to an abrupt and brutal end. Also over last days truck bombers have destroyed a few crucial bridges around Baghdad, means bad news for Iraq's infrastructure and economic recovery (if there is such an animal NB). Of course bridges are nothing compared to the mosque.

To avoid plunging all of you into the state of total despair I will borrow a few lines from Lirun and this is how I am going to end this piece of posting:

surfed this evening after work.. yeah seriously.. surprised hey.. was soo awesome!! anyway was watching how we work it out in the water when there are 40 or so surfers on a single spot all craving the next wave.. so i thought id let you know.. very much the orange rind and flesh story.. we all pick our spots and try not to float in eachother's paddle path.. and then we use patience.. yeah intense i know.. and everyone waits for the wave to be perfect for them rather than forcing themselves on the waves.. in a sense everyone accepts that some waves will be sort of meant for you and that is the one you go for.. you then surf it and then paddle back and then rest it until the next perfect wave.. that way there is room for everyone..



Intensely I hope, and for the good of all of you, that this wave is meant only for the Palestinians. I don't want to surf this wave.

:D :D


Just in Time

Hamas fighters overran Fatah-allied Preventive Security headquarters in Gaza City on Thursday, a key target in their battle to control the entire Gaza Strip, witnesses and a security agency official said.

One witness, Jihad Abu Ayad, said Hamas gunmen were bringing Preventive Security men out of the building and executing them in the street.

Moments after the key security command was taken over, aides said that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas gave his first order to his elite presidential guard to strike back against Hamas rivals.

. . .

. . .


Mickeys Rule the World

Hamas is reported to have completed takeover of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service's headquarters in the Gaza City. Local residents report Hamas gunmen leading Fatah officers out of the building and executing them on the street.

Hamas members held a prayer in the compound, which they referred to as the "heresy compound." Hamas also changed the name of the neighborhood where the building is located from "Tel al-Hawa" to "Tel al-Islam."

Hamas' media outlets threatened to reach Fatah and the PA's official radio and telelvision stations, and provided the names of senior Fatah officials they planned to execute. "We will reach you," Hamas members told the Fatah leaders.

The strip has been transformed overnight into the land of the Mickey Mouse ... Suddenly the long delayed Islamic state seems to be fast becoming reality on the other side of our southern border.

"This is the first step in the establishment of the Islamic state," a Hamas member told Ynet from inside the Preventive Security Service building. "This is Islam's victory, Allah's victory, and we pray to Allah for bringing us this victory."



Am I the only one who is hallucinating about having heard with my own ears how Hamas was promising to everybody not to rash things with implementing Islamic state ??


The Moment of Sahel in Gaza

The presidential complex having finally fallen into their hands, Hamas militants seal their impressive victory over Fatah in Gaza with an act of Sahel, dragging the mutilated body of a top Fatah militant through the streets.

By Nidal al-Mughrabi 30 minutes ago

GAZA (Reuters) . . .

. . .

While Washington rallied support for Abbas, Hamas stormed remaining strongholds of his secular Fatah group in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, finally seizing the presidential compound, the last bastion of Abbas's authority in the coastal territory.

Jubilant Hamas gunmen hunted Fatah loyalists, killing some and parading one top figure's mutilated body through the streets. "Allahu akbar! (God is Greatest!)," one gunman chanted through a megaphone from a captured Fatah security headquarters.

. . .


And so a new era dawns in the strip - the era of the Mickey Mouse.


. . .

The gunman, Samih Madhoun, was one of the leaders of a 1,500-strong force that had been set up several months ago as a counterweight to Hamas. Madhoun recently said in an interview on a pro-Fatah radio station that he had executed several Hamas fighters and torched the homes of others.

The details of how he was killed were not immediately clear. However, earlier in the day, a prominent Hamas preacher had issued a religious edict, or fatwa, saying that Hamas was entitled to kill Madhoun.

Witnesses said that Hamas supporters paraded his body through the streets of the Nusseirat refugee camp.

. . .


Crowds looted the home of Yasser Arafat in Gaza

While Hamas leaders in Gaza are eager to reaffirm their commitment to the united Palestinian state, crowds of looters broke into the villa of the late Palestinian leader and founder of Fatah and emptied it carrying away everything from furniture to personal items of the father of Palestinian nation. Needless to say that three cars parked at the villa were driven away too. Even if the action was spontaneous and not sanctioned by the leaders of Hamas there is nothing that could have been more symbolic of the ultimate split between the strip and the West Bank.

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