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Monday, June 18, 2007

Syriam Esse Delendam

Syrian President Bashar Assad was linked to Sunday's Katyusha rocket attack on Kiryat Shmona, the Kuwaiti Al Siyasah newspaper reported on Monday.

In an exclusive article, the paper claimed that Assad's motive was his anger at the Arab League foreign ministers' positions during last week's Cairo summit, particularly the stances of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, who called for an end to Syrian involvement in Lebanon.

According to the newspaper, Assad reacted harshly to the criticism, saying: "They will see how I will plough up Lebanon."


Looks like this regime won't relax until somebody ploughs its country up. It's high time for Israel to stop flirting with the regime in Damascus and start preparing itself for a war. Syria has recently wrecked or contributed to the collapse of three countries: Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. You don't negotiate with a regime like this one.

In the incoming war the IDF would do wisely to repeat the mistake of the last war in Lebanon, which may happen to be very effective in the case of war with Syria, and this is to destroy the Syrian infrastructure in such a way that it will take the regime years to rebuild it. The Syrian economy seems to be just in shape for taking such a blow.


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