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Friday, May 11, 2007

Who is more Brilliant

10 May 07

"An amazing thing has happened to the Israeli economy. There's war all around us yet Israel's economy has continued to grow by more than 5%," said Vice Premier Shimon Peres yesterday at the conference of the World Diamond Council in Jerusalem.

"There are those who claim that the government contributed to Israel's high rate of economic growth. They're mistaken. The growth is thanks to 100,000 high-tech people. Others say that we have a brilliant government. I say it is not the government that is brilliant, but the people."

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. . . Peres also commented humorously on the state of labor relations in both high-tech and affluent industries such as the diamond sector. "Millionaires don't strike and they don't have workers committees."

Peres added that high-tech development and technologies have changed the face of Israeli and international diplomacy. International terrorism, the war in Iraq and the other conflicts in the Middle East would not, he claimed, stop economic development and the flow of technology.

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As a hi-tech man, I should admit that at times Shimon Peres is cool. Though I am increasingly worried that he forgets to deliver on his old promise to not forget to die. The disproportionately thick alligator skin developed over years prevents me from fully enjoying Peres' compliment. Sometimes I miss the old good days of being a simple human being.

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