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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Watch Your Manners, You Maggots

The Jerusalem Post

May. 24, 2007

Visitors to Jordan need to remember their manners and follow the rules, the Tourism Ministry is reminding Israelis.

The ministry has received complaints - and not for the first time - that Israelis visiting the historical site at Petra are entering the area via unapproved passages in order to avoid entrance fees, and that some Israelis are staying overnight at the site against Jordanian regulations. Such activities represent a safety risk, the Tourism Ministry said, noting that Jordanian security officials have been forced, at times in the middle of the night, to locate Israelis camping illegally at the site and escort them to more secure accomodations.

In addition to safety considerations, the ministry said Israelis' bad behavior abroad causes the country public relations damage. "Much has been written in the past about Israelis' behavior as tourists," a ministry press release noted, urging Israelis to "take responsibility for themselves and for the image of the State."

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The last thing we need is to get another war and this time because of our tourists.


The post was retagged under the 'IDF' label because much of the discussion in the comments section was focused on anti missile defense systems.


The main reason the Israel Defense Forces is not currently recommending a major ground operation in the Gaza Strip is fear that war might break out with Syria this summer, IDF sources say.

This argument is rarely mentioned publicly, in part because intelligence analysts are still uncertain about whether Syrian President Bashar Assad intends to start a war or is merely trying to pressure Israel to resume peace talks. But Syria has clearly been preparing for the possibility of war, both through troop training and major arms deals.

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