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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Love is in the air . . .


An Australian woman planned to explode a car bomb in Sydney's main nightlife district to prove her love for her jailed boyfriend, a court was told Thursday.

Jill Courtney, 27, was "obsessed" with Hussan Kalache, who had promised to marry her if she carried out a "mission", police said in a statement presented in court.

They said she had Kalache's name and prison number tattooed "over various parts of her body," and that he had wanted Courtney to "prove her love to him by undertaking a 'mission' before he would commit to marriage."

. . .

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Courtney allegedly approached a number of people asking for assistance in buying materials and making a bomb.

When her home was searched, police seized a timing kit, chemical lists and items which they said could be used in the construction of a bomb. A wig was also found.

A notebook allegedly detailing the "mission plan" said: "Go place, set it up, leave, do it, go to borrowed car, change clothes, wig, drive home."


The aftermath of a truck bomb attack on the Sadriya market in Baghdad

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