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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


. . . Olmert associate Tal Zilberstein told Channel 10 that Livni would be fired, possibly due to Livni telling reporters following their meeting that she believed the prime minister should step down.


I should say that I am absolutely unmoved by all this, being well prepared for this and any other shit by the following:

"The people thirst for worthy leadership. It is the leadership's duty to guide us towards change," Barak said during his the annual commemoration ceremony in honor of the fallen graduates of military boarding schools, held at the Reali School in Haifa.

. . .

"When the dust settles over the findings and protocols of the Winograd Committee, we will see many conclusions pertaining to the management of the IDF and the home front, the decision making process, and, above all, the Israeli leadership's vital need for experience at this time," Barak said.

"This is not true of Denmark or Uruguay, and, some would say that this is not true of Great Britain, but the state of Israel has no substitute for experience in its top political echelons. Dan Halutz is one of the most talented [military leaders] this country has had in recent generations. Amir Peretz is talented. Olmert is talented, and the three of them surely had good intentions regarding the war, but ultimately, what happened, is that also on those levels there is need for more experience," added Barak.


The author of the botched unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon was conspicuously absent in the media during the war, saving many Israelis quite a few good moments of sheer rage. Now Barak's return to politics nicely supplements the bunch of people who never take responsibility for anything, from Shimon Peres with his Oslo, to Olmert and Peretz with the last war's fiasco. Barak went even farther than anybody else claiming that he has made so many mistakes during his term that it makes him the most capable leader in the whole country.

It's basically true that we learn from our mistakes and if life is not about getting second chance then it's meaningless. Yet there is a problem with this approach. In practical terms it's a good way to experience life in many places. It should be true of Urugway or Denmark. It may even be true of Great Britain itself. But this is Israel. This country may simply not survive another round of learning sessions by generals who try their hand at peace making and civilians who fancy themselves with being military leaders.

Unfortunately taking personal responsibility for fiascos and failures is not the way of Israeli politicians. It's actually not the way of the country's CEO's and business managers. And to tell the truth, nobody practices this shit here (including me NB) !!! For some reason this particular aspect of human social behavior struggles to take root in this country. This is simply not part of the HebrewWali.


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