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Monday, April 2, 2007

Talking Back

In an increasingly heated intra Iraqi debate about the future of Kirkuk, the Sunni insurgents expressed their displeasure with the plans to de-settle Kirkuk from the thousands of Arabs who moved into the city under Saddam. The insurgents communicated their state of mind to the Kurds and to the Shia led government in their characteristically laconic way devoid of subtleties. A truck bomber rammed into the concrete blast barriers surrounding one of the police stations in the city, killing scores of people and wounding more than 100, many children from a nearby school.

. . . at least 20 children on their way home from a nearby school were among the 13 people killed and 137 wounded in the truck bombing. The force of the blast also devastated four buildings in the area, including a municipal building.

Doctors at the hospital worked in a scene of bloody pandemonium as wounded were brought to the emergency room.

Most of those being treated appeared to be either very young children or schoolgirls, many crying with bloodstained clothes. Several badly mutilated bodies filled the back of a police pickup truck as a U.S. helicopter flew overhead.

Sarah Samad, 13, said she had just finished taking an exam and was near the school gate when the explosion occurred.

"The gate fell on my leg and broke it," she said from her hospital bed.


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