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Monday, April 16, 2007

Small is Beautiful

Today six bomb attacks killed and wounded hundreds across Baghdad. All attacks were against Shia civilian population in Baghdad. A twin car bomb attack targeted a Shia market. The second car went off five minutes after the first one in an apparent attempt to get rescue forces who were evacuating the casualties... and it got them.

A suicide bomber destroyed a minibus packed with passengers. Many of the victims are reported to be severely burnt.

A minibus destroyed by a suicide bomber

Another minibus served as a car bomb and exploded on a busy street, killing and wounding dozens of passers-by.

This minibus served as a car bomb itself

And in the same district two bombs exploded in the evening pushing the overall toll to 45 dead and hundreds of wounded.

The use of suicide belts and minibuses signals a switch in tactics by the insurgents. Instead of using massive trucks and fuel tankers packed with tons of explosives, the insurgents adopted the Palestinian tactic of sending suicide bombers to their destinations on foot and thus bypassing American and Iraqi army checkpoints. Probably for the same reason came minibuses and cars, as in the big city they can mix with hundreds and thousands of similar vehicles.

In almost any recent report of a truck bomb attack, police and soldiers were spotting a surging on his target truck bomber from afar. In some instances gunfire caused the truck to explode prematurely or the truck bomber to lose control of the vehicle and miss the target. Now parked car bombs of a smaller size, detonated remotely or by hand, are proving no less effective. There were no truck bomb attacks today and yet, by the end of the day, the death toll is as high as if one did happen.

All this raises doubts about the ability of anybody to defeat such an insurgency fought by dedicated kamikadzes. At the time of the second Intifada Israel had solved this problem by building the security fence, finally splitting Israel and the WB/Gaza in two (three? NB) separate entities. For the American and Iraqi forces it's different, as they are supposed to remain in the same country the insurgents do.


Small is Beautiful

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