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Friday, April 13, 2007

Say Good-Bye

It's not that easy to say good-bye to Azmi Bishara. The guy seem to hold many grudges against us. Why can't we just say 'shalom/salam' to each other and forget about each other's existence for good ? :(

Balad chairman Azmi Bishara, who left Israel two weeks ago before announcing his plans to resign for the Knesset, attacked the state of Israel on Friday, saying that "it was unable to rise to the challenge he posed to its Jewish nature and to Zionism."

I actually think that we were well on the way to rise to the challenge by planning to sue the guy for subversion.

"We (Arabs) are the original owners of this land," he told A-Shams Radio. "They want us to act like guests in our own country and to prove all the time that all is well. All is not well. We are Palestinian Arabs, the children of this land and we will act in a manner fitting for a people who oppose occupation and aggression."

A-Shams Al-Shmams. We may too start acting in a manner more fitting for forces of occupation and aggression.

Bishara went on to say that Israel could not stand the solidarity he had shown with the Lebanese during the recent war.

Wait. We ve been just talking about the Palestinian Arabs. How we got to Lebanon now? Or they are too the children of this land?

"I am more democratic, liberal and left-wing than they [Jewish Israelis] are," he added.

That's probably why Bishara likes to travel to Damascus so much. Because the Alawite regime there is more liberal and democratic than we are. As to the left-wing I missed the point, but then what should I be expecting from this Arab indoctrinated in universities of the former Stazi state of the now non existent East Germany? I got the idea long time ago after visiting the blog of another 'angry asshole'. Apparently Bishara is still struggling to figure out that Marxism Leninism not only does not work, it's no longer held to be cool.

Bishara reiterated that he planned to resign from the Knesset and said that he did not intend to return to Israel in the near future. He refused to reveal his current location.


I don't mind where this location is as long as it as far enough from here.

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