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Friday, April 6, 2007


The AP reports that:

Recently . . . many Anbar tribes have switched allegiance, with large numbers of military-age men joining the police force and Iraqi army in a bid to expel al-Qaida in Iraq fighters.

Maybe something good will eventually come out of Iraq. Who knows.

Meanwhile a truck bomber crashed into a police checkpoint in Ramadi. Apparently the truck was heavily loaded with explosives and toxic chlorine and initial reports talk about dozens of dead and wounded. There are no reports yet of how many people were hit by exposure to chlorine.

The bombing in Anbar province marked the ninth use of suicide chlorine bombs in the sprawling, mainly desert territory that has been a stronghold of the Sunni insurgency.

. . .

Police Maj. Mohammed Mahmoud al Nattah, member of the Anbar Salvation council, told state-run Iraqiya television the bomber hit a residential complex and dozens of wounded were taken to the Ramadi hospital.

Police opened fire as the suicide car bomber sped toward a checkpoint, three miles west of the city, according to police Col. Tariq al-Dulaimi. Nearby buildings were heavily damaged (!!! This guy destroyed a whole street there NB) and police were searching the rubble for more victims.

April 06, 2007

The madness inside the 'Islamic State in Iraq', an umbrella organization for Sunni insurgents, seem to have reached the truly insane proportions meriting this post to be reclassified under the 'Sunni vs Sunni' tag. One Sunni insurgent group, 'Islamic Army in Iraq', has accused 'Al Qaida in Iraq', both are members of the 'Islamic State in Iraq', of targeting other Sunni insurgents:

In a Thursday posting, the Islamic Army charged that al-Qaida — a key group inside the Islamic State — was killing fighters of the Islamic army and other militant Sunni groups if they did not pledge loyalty to al-Qaida.

It also charged that al-Qaida had killed Harith Dhaher al-Dhari, a field commander of the 1920 Revolutionary Brigades, another organization under the Islamic State umbrella.

"All Sunni people have become targets for them (al-Qaida), especially the wealthy. They either have to pay or be killed. Anyone who criticizes al-Qaida or disagrees or points out its mistakes is killed," the posting said.


It is basically about the same point I was making to Bruno here:

let me put the bottom line under all this

gone are the days when we were afraid that these people may become even more mad than they are already ... since Iraq, and everything that's happening in Gaza or Waziristan just confirm this impression, we see that there is a certain threshold of madness after which madness becomes self destructive ... there is no sense in trying to instigate more fanaticism, more religious passion .. since it's plainly destroying them from inside .... they have simply reached this threshold

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