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Saturday, April 14, 2007


The Sunni insurgents tried to bomb another bridge today killing 10 and wounding 15 people. The Jadriyah bridge survived the attack well.

The insurgents had more luck at one of the bus stations in Karbala, where a car bomber killed and wounded about 200 people.

There are reports of an elevated number of children among the victims in Karbala. Anyway, the 'Surge' does not work. It may be the time to start preparing for the day the Yankees go home.


The death toll from the attack on a bus station in Karbala was revised and stands now at 47 dead and 224 wounded.

30,000 additional US troops are expected to arrive by the end of next month in a probably vain attempt to stop the country from sliding into chaos.

By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer

Three explosions hit Gaza City early Sunday, damaging two Internet cafes and a Christian bookstore.

No one was hurt and no group claimed responsibility for the blasts, which took place around 3 a.m. local time, Palestinian security officials said. Several similar attacks on Internet cafes and music stores in recent months have been claimed by a little-known extremist Islamic organization calling itself the "Swords of Truth."

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I would advise our Palestinian friends to respect the tradition, now firmly established everywhere from Iraq to North Africa, and to rename themselves into 'Al Kaida in Gaza'. Calling oneself 'Swords of Truth' may confuse some people.

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