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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Andrey, i borrowed this map from the BlackSmith. He stumbled on the link on some forum. It's a sheer lunatism of course as it pretends to redraw the map of the region in a just manner, but it gives a very good visual idea of what we are talking about.

Notice the size of the hypothetical Kurdish state that the Arabs, Turks and Persians keep from coming into being. It's bigger and more populated that Syria (There are 35 million Kurds). Quite a piece of nation, isn't it?

Baluchistan is huge but lightly populated. I don't know how many are they but I guess no more than 10 million.

Also notice how nicely Shias are sitting on top of the region's biggest oil fields. Not sure why he left Kuwait in place as they are 40% or 45% there. But the guy who drew the map was not really knowledgeable. This is at least what the BlackSmiths said.

Of course, some of these minorities are in no rash to secede or to rejoin their ethnic motherlands. The Persians mostly treat their minorities well by the standards of the region, so it's not sure how much their Azeris want to join the neighboring Azerbaijan. This is not the case with their Kurds. I have no idea what they got in their part of Baluchistan. Unlike Azeris, the Baluchis are Sunnis.

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