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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two Massively Intelligent Persons

"I understand you drink too much coffee?" said ABC News' Barbara Walters during an interview with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

. . . she urged Chavez to drink his coffee, saying "I understand you drink too much coffee?"

(For god's sake, where is logic here ??!! NB)

"Yes, but you didn't drink yours," Chavez replied through an interpreter.

You want mine?" Walters asked.

"Give it to me, I will drink it," Chavez said.

(And what is *this* shit? He can't make himself another coffee? NB)

Walters noted that Chavez is divorced, and asked whether he wants to remarry.

"It is very hard to be married," Chavez said. "I have been married twice. But it is very hard."

I agree. It's a kinda difficult when you are so busy destroying your country.

Walters also asked Chavez about calling Bush the devil, a donkey and a murderer.

"Yes, I called him a devil in the United Nations. That's true. In another occasion, another time I said that he was a donkey because I think he is very ignorant about things that are actually happening in Latin America, and the world.

Chavez is sure much more knowledgeable, he's been to Iran.

If that is in excess on my part, I accept. And I might apologize. But who is causing more harm? Do I cause any harm by calling him a devil? He burns people, villages, and he invades nations."

Asked if he would invite Bush to Venezuela under any circumstances, Chavez said no. "Never. I said in Buenos Aires that he was a political corpse. Fortunately, he will not remain in office for long."

Yes. Unlike Chavez, Bush has no chance to throw the limit of two consecutive terms out of the window by a presidential decree.

After part of the interview was shown, Walters offered her impressions about the Venezuelan leader.

"He's passionate about his dislike for George Bush. He does like this country, he's passionate about his feelings about America. He feels that with a new president, that we can be friends. He cares very much about poverty, he's a socialist," Walters said.

Good. But I remember he proclaimed himself a communist recently.

"But he's not the crazy man we've heard," she added. "This is a very intelligent man."

I would say that this is as bloody true as that Barbara Walters is a fucking very intelligent woman.

Walters said she sees similarities in the "larger than life" personalities of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Chavez. "He sang to me" during the interview, she added.


Well. That certainly explains it.

Good Friends

Chavez and Iranian President Ahmalalah

Chavez, Ahmalalah and Ali Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iran and Hezbollah, in Tehran

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