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Monday, March 19, 2007

Syria or Iran ?

At the beginning of the last war French President Jacques Chirac delivered a secret message to Israel assuring Israeli leadership of full French support in case Israel invades Syria and topples the Alawite regime. This is what former Israeli ambassador to France Nissim Zvilli told Army Radio in an interview broadcast last Sunday.

"President Chirac saw Syria as directly responsible for the attempt to undermine the Lebanese regime," he (the embassador NB) said. "He saw them as directly responsible for the murder of [former Lebanese prime minister] Rafik Hariri and directly responsible for arming Hizbullah. Likewise, he saw Syria as the one giving Hizbullah orders on how to operate."

Unfortunately Israel had a different view. According to Nissim Zvilli,

"Former prime minister Ariel Sharon had explained to the French in the past that Iran is the main one responsible for Hizbullah's armament in Lebanon..."


In short, we missed the fun just because Israel and France could not agree on which of the two, Syria or Iran, Israel should attack. If I were the ambassador, I would have involved the Yankees and offered a compromise solution . . . to attack both.


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