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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Obituary: Lebanese Political Journal

Charles Malik decided to stop his Lebanese Political Journal after he was accused by the fellow Lebanese bloggers of secretly visiting Israel and subjected to a wave of denunciations. He said he got enough of vicious personal emails and the whole thing is not worth it. In the good old days Lebanese Political Journal was considered one of the best Lebanese political blogs and with and without Charles' permission the blog was occasionally quoted in the media.

C.M.'s departure follows that of the Big Pharaoh, who is plainly one of the best political bloggers of the Arab world. A few months ago the Pharaoh was writing in I was Wrong about his disillusionment with the war in Iraq:

I fully supported this war on April 9th, 2003, when I saw Iraqis cheering the downfall of Saddam Hussein and walking freely among US troops while carrying their Kalashnikovs. I supported this war because I used to go to a popular Iraqi room on Pal Talk that was full of secular intellectuals and I ended up believing that Iraq could become a beacon of decency in the midst of this region. In addition, I thought the U.S definitely had a plan to what might happen in Iraq ten years after the invasion. . .

A few posts later he wrote in the Curse:

The deafening silence of the Arab/Muslim world towards the mass slaughters in Iraq indicate one thing: this region will stay in the abyss of darkness, ignorance, and backwardness for a very long time until someone really rises up, takes it by the neck, and forces it to look in a mirror and see the ugly reflection.

Since then the Pharaoh stopped blogging excusing himself by the lack of time, though he later promised to come back.

With the departure of the Pharaoh and Charles the progressive Arab blogsphere has become clearly weakened. No doubt, it's a setback.

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