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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life is NO Picnic !!!

On Friday in Sao Paulo President Bush has announced a new ethanol agreement with Brazil, part of his administration's push to reduce America's dependency on foreign (means Arab and Hugo Chavez's) oil. The same day the EU leaders have reached an agreement to cut greenhouse emissions by 20%. Apart from cutting greenhouse emissions the leaders also agreed on expanding production of power from renewable sources from 6% to 20% and switching 10% of European cars to biofuels by 2020.


Bush to sign biofuels pact in Brazil

EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gases

While there are claims that the existing technologies are not adequate for carrying out a full scale switch to low carbon economy, there should be little doubt that expanding the role of alternative energies to 20% of the European energy market will attract capital and stimulate technological innovation with a good chance that economically viable methods of producing biofuels will soon become available.

Despite the announced measures one still cannot be quite sure about how well the Western leaders understand what Vinod Koshla summarised so succinctly in Khosla's vision for 2007 for CNN:

We have an energy crisis, a climate crisis, and a terrorism crisis - and all of them are tied to oil.


Neither one can be anymore sure about how well the bulk of low carbon economy supporters understand what they are doing. In recent years the issue of global warming has been exploited by the radical, and not, left so much that leftism and environmentalism have become virtually identical. It became plainly impossible in our days to enjoy a walk in a park with even minimally leftist people as those immediately start climbing trees and chasing roaches. Probably Karl Marx is painfully twisting in his grave at such a travesty of his ideological legacy. And probably what makes the whole thing such an ordeal for the poor K.M. is that, unlike his ideological descendants, the guy was apparently smart enough to be able to figure out the consequences.

There are already reports of corn prices shooting up and farmers switching fields to growing corn instead of cotton and other global trade talks spoilers. The global trade talks, hopelessly stalled for years because of the issue of agricultural subsidies, seem suddenly to start seeing light in the end of the tunnel. Biofuels hold a huge promise of finally unlocking the trade talks and opening an era of unrestrained free trade and globalization.

It's also obvious that all major opponents of the West today run their countries on oil. Low carbon economy means economic holocaust for such darlings of the left as Hugo Chavez and Evo Moralez. It will sink the Sharia states of Saudi and Iran and with them the hopes and inspiration of Islamic fundamentalist movements around the globe. It will devastate Russia whose Vladimir Putin recently got so bullish towards the West that it starts plainly irritating some people.

Whatever propaganda benefits the leftists enjoyed by exploiting global warming and environmental issues, whether by harassing governments and private companies or by delegitimizing western capitalism and the whole western society, it is obvious that for them promoting low carbon economy does not even mean shooting themselves in a foot but rather dropping on themselves a nuclear bomb.

The sight of the anti globalist monkeys frenetically digging out a grave for themselves and anything that dear to them should be deeply puzzling for any person who can think beyond the next year. And yet we are all human beings... ordinary human beings ... and it's impossible that a right winger passes by such an extraordinary scene without experiencing a genuine urge to join in and lend his brotherly help to such a worthy enterprise. That's why I say that the Israeli government should shifting funds from defense into developing green energies. After all nothing heals human souls more than working together towards achieving a common goal.

If low carbon economy becomes the reality, it will be the closest thing, we'll ever have, to the end of history Fukuyama was writing about in 1992. By leveling with the ground all currently existing alternatives to the western capitalism, from the communism of Hugo Chavez to the Sharia state of Ahmalala, low carbon economy will generate floods of anti globalist and other tears, a sad thing . . . But then I expect people to be mature enough to understand that life is a complex process and sometimes you end destroying your dreams with your own hands. After all who said that life was meant to be easy? I for one never promised to anybody that it's going to be a picnic.

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