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Sunday, March 18, 2007

"I am not popular? So What?

I am here to work", Olmert is reported to have said to his party on Thursday.

"Reporters have reminded the public that I am unpopular," he said (We need to be reminded ?? You are unpopular with us, idiot. NB). "Our friends in the opposition led by [Likud chairman Binyamin] Netanyahu do not miss an opportunity to point out that I am unpopular. Even within my own party there are those who deal with the question of my unpopularity. I think they are right. I am, indeed, an unpopular prime minister."

While his speech was interrupted by applause and chants of "Ehud, king of Israel (!!! NB)," . . .


King or not, don't forget - we have elections here from time to time . . . And we are not yet a constitutional monarchy.

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