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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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On Monday, members of a Hamas militia engaged in a daytime gunbattle with Fatah-allied security officers in the worst outbreak of internal violence since the Mecca accord was signed, security officials said.

The gunbattle broke out in Gaza City when Hamas and Fatah loyalists argued over who had control of a nearby training compound, they said.

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Also, security officials said they believed hardline Muslims were behind the bombing of a music shop in the southern town of Khan Younis early Monday, following a similar attack on an Internet cafe on Sunday. Another Internet cafe owner was also briefly kidnapped. Nobody was injured in the attacks.

While there were no claims of responsibility, security officials suspect extremist Muslims trying to enforce strict moral conduct were behind the attacks. Hardline Muslims have said youths download pornography from Internet sites, are distracted from prayer by music and buy condoms and hallucinogenic drugs from some pharmacies. Since October, at least 20 such shops have been targeted.


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