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Friday, March 30, 2007

Another Nasrallah Speaks His Mind

Jean emailed me two links today.

First. Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir bashed both Lahoud and Aoun in no mean tems. Sfeir said that he had advised Lahoud to resign and that Aoun's understanding with Hezbollah was based on assurances of the party's support for Aoun in presidental elections.

Sfeir described the situation in Lebanon in bleak terms calling on the both Christian leaders to come back to their senses:

"The country can't take it anymore. The economy is bleeding, people's interests and shops have closed down and immigration is increasing, especially among the youth," the patriarch added.

He hoped the nation does not reach the stage of "turmoil … The Lebanese are now divided because external sides are interfering in our affairs and exerting pressure on some of us. That is why I see no possibility for achieving a settlement during the (Riyadh) summit, despite good will efforts exerted by Saudi Arabia."


At the same time Michael Young in the Daily Star's Opinion expressed a view that Aoun can cut the Gordian knot and break the impasse by splitting with Hezbollah. . . if only he is ready to swallow his pride and give up on the presidency . . .


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