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Friday, March 30, 2007


do you know why all of your peace talks were nonsense ? because there was nothing to discuss .. nobody could say anything of value there ... because we already had the solution .. it was oslo ...

none of you could add anything of substance to this roundtable ... because we had all of it worked out under oslo ... borders, settlements and other shit ... and oslo collapsed around the refugees issue, because they refused to accept our red line..

and they knew this .. this is our red line.. in the same way as we knew that they won't compromise on sacred places and jerusalem .. and we accepted this fact .. because we understand that these are their red lines .. but they did not accept ours !!!

and there is very little we can say to each other now as it's clear as day ...and the only roundtables that can be held now is between the palis to decide if they want to compromise on this or not ... because if they don't, then we should fight another intifada here .. and i don't mind this .. it's ok as far as i am concerned...

but we are not going to compromise on the right of retirn ... ethnic cleansing or not, apartheid or not apartheid ... we are not going to dismantle our state by our own hands ... its not about justice, peace, pain swapping and other shit... it's about common sense ...

not everything can be solved by roundtables between the sides .. sometimes people should hold roundtables between themselves ... it's squarely an issue for roundtables between the arabs now .. we have nothing to do with this ...

and some of these people told you ... straight in your face .. that they are waiting for the palestinian vagina to solve the arab israeli conflict .. that they are just begging time ...

and you and others .. you are in such a deep denial about the whole thing... that you were like idiots who are trying to improvise a solution for something that will be lost for them anyway in another 15-20 years



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