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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Year of the Pigs and Apes

Last updated: July 30, 2009

February 18, 2007

BEIJING - Asians flocked to temples, parks and Disneyland on Sunday to pray, play, eat, and celebrate the first day of the Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Pig.

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Source: Associated Press

Or, as our Muslim friends would say, the Year of the Pigs and Apes and their Sons.

Come on, Jews. Our year is coming.


I should probably be fair to the Sudanese Thinker and provide a link to one of his posts where he is trying to find his way out of the mess created by the famous Koranic verses: The Mystery of Jews as Apes & Pigs

July 30, 2009

The Blog Quote of the Year

There are many other instances where Prophet said something and in today's world it turns out to be scientifically correct. For example Quran says that Allah (swt) turned some Jews into monkeys and pigs. Some companion asked the Prophet that the monkeys and pigs that we see today, are they the descendants of those Jews-turned-pigs-and-monkeys? The Prophet pbuh said no and also explained that monkeys and pigs were present way before those Jews were turned into pigs and monkeys as a punishment. This turns out to be scientifically and historically correct.

Source: Prophet of Islam: A Camel Urine Drinker?

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