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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thirst for Blood

Joseph Fil, commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, was wisely trying to reduce the expectations at the beginning of the latest joint US/Iraq security operation in Baghdad. Commenting on a sharp reduction in violence during the first days of the operation Fil said:

"But make no mistake, we do not believe ... that's going to continue, and we do expect there are going to be some very rough, difficult days ahead,"

"And this enemy knows how — they understand lethality and they have a thirst for blood like I have never seen anywhere before."


What followed almost immediately was a deadly week of car bomb and suicide attacks with the Sunni insurgents trying to stage chemical attacks using chlorine canisters. Fortunately for the Iraqi Shia, the casualties from the chlorine attacks were low as the heat of explosions largely destroyed the chlorine itself. The insurgents have still some way to go before they can credit themselves with the ability to assemble effective chlorine bombs. A few dozens of people ended in hospitals with respiratory problems but on the whole the chlorine clouds caused more panic than the actual number of victims would suggest.

This week culminated yesterday in an attack on a Sunni mosque ran by a pro-government imam. It was the first attack of this kind in which Sunni insurgents targeted members of their own community. About 100 Sunni worshipers were killed and wounded when a truck with explosives was detonated as they were leaving the mosque.

And today to complete the picture, Mustansiriyah university once again came under attack as a suicide bomber detonated a bomb-rigged belt near the main entrance to the college, where students were resuming midterm exams after the two-day weekend in Iraq. According to reports the guards confronted the kamikadze at the entrance and so prevented a major disaster but even so the toll was high with 41 students dead. The university was attacked several times before. In January a twin car bomb attack killed 70 and wounded 140 students and staff members.


May Allah save these Arabs from themselves


The death toll from the attack on a Sunni mosque in Anbar province was updated to 52 dead and 74 wounded.

It appears that the attacker in Mustansiriyah was a female suicide bomber. The attack was carried out on the business school faculty of the university.

Update 2:

Most of over 40 students who died in the suicide attack on Mustansiriyah yesterday are reported to be female students.

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