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Monday, February 19, 2007

Strength or Potential ?

The head of military intelligence, Yossi Baidatz, informed the Defense Committee today that not only Hezbollah has restored its prewar capabilities, it actually got more firepower than it had at its disposal before the war and more is on the way from Syria. To the question if Hezbollah actually became stronger than it was before the war, the intelligence chief responded in the sense that, indeed, this is the case.

The defense minister, the infamous Amir Peretz, deemed it necessary to intervene and to correct the intelligence chief on the grounds that it's wrong to say that Hezbollah increased its strength, but only its potential !!! Baidatz immediately agreed that indeed the potential has increased, not the strength !!! This left some people, including MK's who were present at the meeting, wondering what's wrong with these people.

The improved ballistic capabilities of both Hamas and Hezbollah are a clear threat and require an urgent response. Yet the government repeatedly blocked the army from reinvading Gaza and completely mismanaged the issue of developing an anti missile system. Peretz blamed the previous defense ministers in neglecting the issue yet when it came to take a decision the choice fell on Rafael's kinetic warhead which is not expected to be ready until the next decade !!!

The decision amazed everybody and probably enraged people in Sderot and elsewhere living under daily Kassams attacks. The decision was in particular strange given that Northrop Grumman claimed that its laser can be supplied within six months and one such a system can theoretically protect whole of Sderot. Actually it's not clear why the government thinks it should choose something. The short range ballistic threats are notoriously difficult to address and the government would do wisely by selecting at least two out of the proposed four systems. Northrop Grumman can provide a short term solution until Rafael finishes developing its own system. Yet this way of thinking is clearly beyond the reach of Amir Peretz.

To be fair I should admit that Amir Peretz is not that smart to be held fully responsible for his actions or better mis-actions. Actually it's not that he is not smart. He is a total idiot afflicted by the worst form of megalomania possible. In one of his interviews I had a pleasure to see the man claimed for himself all credit for anything that was achieved during the last war. And he obviously believes it. Our gran generalissimo hardly comprehends what a shit his situation is.

To the contrary Olmert is waaay more intelligent. Facing repeated failures, mounting criticism and a criminal investigation he clearly feels how the noose is tightening around his neck.

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