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Friday, February 16, 2007

Optical Illusions

Two Links.

The first one to the excellent post by Nizo which basically is his vision of the future of the region --> Saw of Islam

Of course It deals exclusively with the Sunni Arab world. It misses out on what I described in my 'arc theory' in the comments section of the previous post. Nizo basically thinks that it's only a matter of time before Islamist movements sweep the region as they seem to be the only ones who are capable of achieving something.

Nizo concludes his post with this:

The question is, which of the many, many versions of Islam will prevail. Will there be a regressive Caliphate or a new brew of Islamic democracies that draw from the positive and inclusive elements of the the Quran and the Hadeeth?

In a debate that follows the comments by a deranged Hezbollah member Al Ghaliboon pretty much answer this question.

I have a few posts that basically reach a similar conclusion. Once again it's the Arabs. And even more the Sunni Arabs. The Middle East has other people too. And the Shia world may fail to follow this prediction. I will post about the Shia at some point later.

The Arab Reform

The Darwinian Evolution in the Middle East

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

The second link is a debate I had on one Sudanese blog. On reading the thread for the second time I was amazed by what aggressive and abusive a poster I am. I can only comfort me with thinking that it was much worse a few years ago when I had my account repeatedly blocked on many forums.

Nevertheless my comments on this thread dispel a very common illusion that the Muslim world went backwards from being a beacon of tolerance. My point is that the Muslim world is actually way more tolerant and open minded today than it has ever been before. The perception that the Muslims lost the original tolerance of their faith is an optical illusion created in some people because of reading too many books. --> To My Beloved Son of Warfare in Darfur By Huwaida Medani

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