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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just an Ordinary Human Being

In Enough IS Enough I was writing a few days ago:

Actually what I want to say... mmmm .... I mean ... mmmm .... Anyway what I want to say is this. You forgive me, my dear readers, but I have no more patience left for posting about the Arabs/Muslims and their terrorism. This is because I am a normal person and my nervous system is functioning pretty much in line with the rules of human behavior as outlined in any standard textbook of human psychology. And unlike people from our peace camp (whom I don't consider normal persons) I just cannot hurt the pain of another 100 hundred Iraqis perished in suicide and car bomb attacks every single day as if it happens for the first time.


The very next day I stumbled on Yahoo on a scientific confirmation of the fact that I am a normal person... or borrowing from the bizarre slang used by our peace loonies I am just an ordinary human being.

The Internet and other modern communications bring atrocities such as killings in Darfur, Sudan into homes and office cubicles. But knowledge of these events fails to motivate most to take action, said Paul Slovic, a University of Oregon researcher.

People typically react very strongly to one death but their emotions fade as the number of victims increase, Slovic reported here yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"We go all out to save a single identified victim, be it a person or an animal, but as the numbers increase, we level off," Slovic said.


I was tagged by The Raccoon, means I need to write about 10 things nobody knows about me. Yet in my view the fact of me being just an ordinary human being squarely beats any piece of other personal information I can provide about myself (many people will probably be very skeptical even about this bit). I think I will leave everybody to satisfy themselves with this as I am feeling that I have already disclosed too much about myself in this post.

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