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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First We Take Manhattan . . .

The leader of one of the two main Kurdish parties Massoud Barzani has unwisely touched many nerves in the Middle East on Monday when in an interview to the channel NTV Turkey he advised regional leaders to come to terms with the idea that Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria have a right to independence. Both Turkish Foreign minister and PM Erdogan were quick to respond. Erdogan directly referred to the campaign by the Iraqi Kurds to regain Kirkuk:

"Kirkuk resembles a small Iraq and is not the registered property of any ethnic group," . . .

"Such an attitude is very wrong with regards to Iraq's future. I believe such an attitude will overshadow peace, love and brotherhood in Iraq," (??? NB) . . .


If Barzani is serious he should better concentrate on matters immediately at hand and keep his mouth shut. The Kurds would be wise to stick to a piece by piece approach. As Leonard Cohen would have put it: First we take Kirkuk . . .


This post is written by Israeli who probably wants to see Kurdish independence in all four afore-mentioned countries more than the Kurds themselves.


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