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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enough IS Enough !!!

The Sunni insurgents have been celebrating in Iraq the new Baghdad security plan. Yesterday Al-Maliki barely finished addressing the nation on the anniversary of the attack on Al-Askari Mosque as car bombs teared to peaces Shorja market in Baghdad.

Today about 40 people were killed and wounded by a Kamikadze who drove his truck to a college in a Shia neighborhood. This actually reminds me of another car bomb attack in January on Mustansiriyah University, in which about 70 students and staff members died and another 140 were wounded. The Sunni insurgents recently perfected their tactics and switched to using trucks which explains the high number of casualties reported daily from Iraq.

Also today a couple of buses was bombed in a Christian area in Lebanon. There was also a string of car bomb attacks in Algeria by the local Salafists who lately started calling themselves 'The Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb' (I certainly liked more their previous name which was 'The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat' !! NB) . The Economist was writing last week:

. . .

. . .

Actually what I want to say... mmmm .... I mean ... mmmm .... Anyway what I want to say is this. You forgive me, my dear readers, but I have no more patience left for posting about the Arabs/Muslims and their terrorism. This is because I am a normal person and my nervous system is functioning pretty much in line with the rules of human behavior as outlined in any standard textbook of human psychology. And unlike people from our peace camp (whom I don't consider normal persons) I just cannot hurt the pain of another 100 hundred Iraqis perished in suicide and car bomb attacks every single day as if it happens for the first time.

Why should I bore you and myself to death with this shit? I got nothing more interesting to think about in my life? In the last debate about Islam and terrorism held on Lirun's blog (Lirun's point: the two have nothing to do with each other) the only two Muslims who answered Lirun's call to participate were:
1) a deranged Hezbollah supporter known under the name of Al-Ghaleboon, a kind of a Hassan Nasrallah's talking head, who promptly offered to switch discussion to Jews and their terrorism
2) a very tired Palestinian girl who could not muster enough energy to read through the comments

The Muslims themselves are clearly in a state of deep denial about terrorism and other shit they are doing. Probably I am not in a state of denial myself and some of these terror campaigns are sure of serious consequences for the future of our region but, as they say, enough is enough. If you want, go read yourselves. Here is a link to Lirun's discussion...

and here is a link to the Economist's article - .... mmmm .... Actually I cannot find this article. Anyway I am going to have a drink which, I think, is way more important than trying to save another one hundred Shia who will die tomorrow in Iraq. Have a nice day.

I will try to post something later.


Jean, no need tell me that with this post I lost my last chance to win my Nobel as I decided to give up on this idea. Just, please, take away these Arabs/Muslims from here. It will be good enough for me.

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